Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
May 30, 1906

Prof. Alebrtson of Downsville is in Farmerville for a few days.

Mrs. W. J. Turnage left Saturday for Monroe to visit relatives.

Police Juror Charles H. Hudson was in town Monday.

Miss Maude Selig and Mr. Mack Gill paid a visit to Ruston Saturday returning home Sunday.

Miss Fannie Weinburg and Leila Cloud of Junction City are visiting in Farmerville, the guest of the Misses Haas.

Misses Mittie and Mattie Lou Killgore are visiting Miss Kathleen Turnage this week.

Clerk of Court Edward Everett and Sheriff J. W. Taylor have both been on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Ethel Selig and little son Dean, and Miss Eda Jameson of Bernice spent Tuesday in Farmerville.

Mr. W. D. Freyer, representing the Rosebrough Monuments Co. is in and about Farmerville this will in the interest of his firm.

Miss Rosa Ramsey returned home Friday night from Marion, Ala., where she has been in school for the past year and where she graduated with honors.

Eight persons were killed and about 22 seriously injured in a wreck on the L. and N. Railroad near Louisville, Ky., Monday.

Mr. R. Haas is having his household goods carried to Monroe to-day via Steamer Mattie preparatory to moving to that city. Mr. Haas and family will follow in a few days.

Mr. R. E. Gully will very soon let the contract for his brick store on the corner opposite the court house. This building will add considerably to the looks of the town.

Mrs. J. W. Elder and Mrs. L. H. Barnes and little son, Hawthorne, returned home Sunday from Ruston where they visited relatives last week.

Lightning struck a crowd of spectators at a base-ball game last Sunday afternoon at Mobile, Ala., killing five and injuring several otheres.

Mr. T. J. Breed returned home Friday afternoon after an absence of about a week. While away he visited Mrs. Breed and children who are visiting relatives at Conway, Ark.

Mr. L. M. Feazel of Ruston, the popular representative of the Waters Pierce Oil Co. in this section, was here Tuesday in the interest of his firm.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Everett and children returned home last Wednesday night from a trip to New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

We understand that Prof. W. E. Taylor has resigned the presidency of the Louisiana Industrial at Ruston to be succeeded by Prof. Bird of Shreveport.

Emile Selig has resigned his position with the firm of Selig and Cronwell of Bernice and has accepted the position of shipping clerk with Thompson and Ritchie of Ruston.

The School Board of the Farmerville High School employed Prof. Thompson last week to teach the High School here for the ensuing scholastic year. Prof. Thompson is a very prepossessing young man and come to us well recommended and we hope that he will be able to make our school an excellent one.


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