Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
June 23, 2011

You have heard of the “Dog’s Days of Summer” but they were usually meaning August weather, well, they have moved to June in the year 2011. Recorded are being broken on a daily basis; couple that with no rain and you can readily see that we are not working in our flowers or even our gardens as we usually do. Pray for us in this time of need — God’s gift of rain and a break in the temps.

Last week I forgot one of the major “Happenings of Spearsville” — the homecoming at Canaan Baptist Church. People came from everywhere to “water their roots” by visiting with old friends/relatives, have a wonderful meal together from a table loaded with all of those great dishes from the kitchens of the folks from Canaan — lots of veggies straight from the garden, and going to the cemetery to pay their respect to parents and grandparents who have gone on to be with the Lord. The morning message was brought by Richard Methvin, Kelly Thomas’s husband. In the afternoon a crowd of over 100 people enjoyed a musical concert by “The King’s Servants” from Richard & Kelly’s church in Minden. Syble told me that it was a great day; probably the best they had had in years.

Jennifer and Stanley Lenard, Justin and Stacy Pepper took a few days of vacation and went to Houston to see the Braves play the Astros. We missed them at church but it is always good to get a break and do something fun as a family.

I called Imogene Bennett this morning to see what was happening in the Antioch Community; she told me that Mary Risinger was in a bad accident, a few days ago, down around Bridges store on Hwy 15. The highway department was mowing and the thick cloud of dust filled the air that obscured the area; she was unable to see the machinery and she hit one of the mowers. The air bags came out with such force that she is badly banged up and her car is totaled. Mary was able to go to church on Sunday and we thank God for that. Be sure to put her on your prayer list as she has a long road ahead of her as she heals physically and emotionally.

Other news from this community was an update on Marilyn Taylor who is doing real good but still has two more surgeries to go. We wish her well as she goes through this time so she will be good as new real soon.

The new granddaughter of Claire and Randy Post was big news also. Imogene didn’t know any pertinent information about the baby, but we do know that this baby will get lots of attention and love from, not only the parents, Justin and his wife, grandparents, Claire and Randy, but great grandmother, Bobbie Bennett, as well. Congratulations to this family for they have just received one of God’s greatest gifts.

Sunday was Father’s Day and our church did something that we had never done before — selected the greatest father and grandfather by secret ballot. Andy Harrison, our newest father and Clyde Barron, the oldest grandfather. These were great picks for Andy has been holding someone’s little girl for several years before he got his own — Gabrielle Stone; Clyde has been “Pa” to all our church kids. They were presented caps; Andy’s said “Father” and Clyde’s “Papa — grandkids greatest pushover”. Jan, Brother James and Shirley’s daughter, Jan, came for the weekend with Alan and all the kids and grands calling to wish him a happy Father’s Day. Alan’s daughter, Katie, is just back from her mission trip to England, so you know that was a special call to “Pa”.

I enjoyed a visit with my daughter, Shana, who came up from New Orleans. She helped me get some computer problems solved but concluded that I just need a new one — this one is hopeless. She always enjoys walking around the yard and seeing the flowers and picking a few veggies from my little fence garden. Her friend Patrick Mackin, came up on Sunday and we all went down to a cabin, he had rented on Lake D’Arbonne, for a night meal. Being a junior high principal, he really appreciated the quiet and serene time on the Lake, just hanging out and playing his guitar. Patrick really needed this time to recharge his batteries. Their canoeing on Monday morning ought to just about get him ready for another year and Shana ready to start some summer work she has lined out to do.

Floy went to Ruston on Sunday to help Ellie Williams, her great granddaughter celebrate her first birthday. The party was great with all the parents, Leigh Ann and Clint as host with grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins from both sides being present.

Thought for the Day

Destiny is not a matter of chance,

it is a matter of chance,

it is a matter of choice;

it is not a thing to be waited for

it is a thing to be achieved”

–Winston Churchill

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