Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
June 30, 2011

When you think summer, you think Reunions!! This weekend it was the Smith and Terral families; next weekend it will be the Risinger family. It is my understanding that the Smith family met at the Primitive Baptist Church for their get-together with lots of snacks, visiting – catching up on the family over the past year – then they went to Hollis’ for their meal. The Terrals met in the fellowship hall at the old family church, Beulah Baptist Church. They had well over a hundred in attendance. Everybody brought their favorite dishes so the table was loaded with all kind of goodies. There was a short business meeting so that events/happenings could be recorded and read at the next reunion. The kids have grown up and scattered all the way to California, MT and indeed throughout many other states. Mary Risinger told me that she and her daughter, Karen, had house guests during the prior week and until Sunday where many came to her house to continue visiting and sharing a meal that was prepared by the younger generation. These reunions are a great way to keep in touch and for the younger kids to know their kin.

Speaking of kin and get-togethers, our Texas cousins come through this area on their way to see a son, Scott and his family, twice a year. They hit Ruston about dinnertime so we, Floy & Billy Rea, Wayne Barrett, Diane Barrett Colvin, and I meet and enjoy an hour together – eating, laughing, sharing family events and just plain having fun. It’s a short time but it helps us stay connected as grandchildren of the Elton and Charlie Rockett families.

The Ruth Sunday School Class of Spearsville Baptist Church went to Johnny’s Pizza last Wednesday for our quarterly meeting. (This use to be monthly and in the various homes but we have gotten older and are now taking an easy and enjoyable way to accomplish the same goal). Not only did we take care of business, but really enjoyed the food and visiting with each other. While we were there, we met up with an old friend, Bonnie Hollis Miller. She hugged all of us and told us how much she missed seeing each of us as she once did. Bonnie is no longer working at the “50’s Dinner” but has retired and has spent some time writing a cookbook and is doing some traveling. They were leaving for Colo. in a few days. She told us that the cookbook, a meal planner for Southern meals, is on sale in several of the local stores. If you want one, and we all do, give her a call. Bonnie is a great cook and it will be a wonderful cookbook for our kids who want to know how to cook those wonderful dishes that they enjoy of their mothers and grandmothers.

Bonnie Rhodes went last Friday to Tiptonville, TN (near Reelfoot Lake), for a visit with her son, Keith and his family, Paula Amber and Annie; they came back with her for a few more days of visiting. It had been several years since they had been able to spend any time visiting with Johnny’s family so the kids are really enjoying playing together and getting to know each other. On Saturday the whole crew went to see the movie “Cars”. Preparing meals is no problem for Bonnie as John is such a good farmer and they have two freezers or maybe it is three, full of all kind of veggies – you can’t beat that.

Vacation Bible School was held this past week. There were fifty-three kids and thirty-one workers in attendance from the churches; Mt. Union, Canaan, Camp Creek and Spearsville. I could see the children playing from my backyard and I know they had fun. Just enough time has elapsed since the end of school and they are anxious to see old friends from the various communities once again.

The Clements, Tim and Denise, just returned from a visit with Denise’s sisiter, Vickie, and other relatives in New Iberia. Those “Cajuns” sure know how to cook and “pass a good time”; throw in family from out of town and there is not a doubt they had a good time.

J. T. Saunders has been hospitalized in Shreveport, after being sent, first, to Ruston and then on to Willis Knighton, for difficulty with breathing. The doctors are trying to decide the best way to correct this problem – possibly stints will be the ultimate decision. We are praying for him and hope to see him home soon with no more pain.

Thought for the Day

Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.


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