Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
June 13, 1906

Mrs. J. B. Murphy is visiting relatives in Monroe this week.

Misses Bessie and Erma Broadwell of Simsboro are visiting the Misses Preaus of this town.

Attorney J. W. Elder returned Monday night from Bastrop where he had been on business trip.

Mr. W. J. Turnage returned home Wednesday of last week from a visit to Monroe and Mer Rouge.

Quite a crowd of Farmerville people spent the day Tuesday at a fish fry on Scott Lake.

The young people ot town were entertained Monday night at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor.

Mrs. J. H. Sanders nee Miss Bertha Cook of Collinston arrived home Monday night.

Quite a crowd of our local sportsman left this morning for a fishing at Phillips Ferry on Bayou D’Loutre.

NOTICE. All persons who purchased town lots in the town of Archer, La., had better have their deeds recorded. D. W. SPENCER.

LOST. One gold watch chain with Masonic charm. Finder will return same to me and receive suitable reward. J. W. ELDER.

DENTAL NOTICE. I will be at Haile Monday the 18th for 3 days and at Oakland 22nd for 3 days prepared to do all kinds of dental work. J. M. THURMON, Dentist.

NOTICE TO TEACHERS. Those who wish contracts for public school will meet me in Farmerville on Friday and Saturday, the 15th and 16th, inst. J. O. HOBNETT Parish Supt.

Everybody knew there were a lot of fools with money in New York. But it took Mr. Canfield to perfect a really luxurious and painless way to separating the two.

The insurance companies disturb a man’s serenity about dying and the Beef Trust seems determined to make him mighty uneasy about continuing to live.

Reports from Cananea indicates that the Mexican miner does not mind working over time when he is killing off his employer.

Just for variety we would like to read a report on some of those “good trusts” the President was talking about.


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