Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
May 15, 1930

New Telegraph Service

Heretofore we have not been able to file telegrams after five o’clock p.m. whereas may be filled anything up to 9 pm. All you have to do is call central who will arrange the proper connection without added charge to the sender. Important incoming telegrams will likewise be handled until these later hours. This new service was brought about by our mayor on complaint to our Public Service Commissioner Harvey G. Fields.

Calf Club Members

On Tuesday, June 3rd the second meeting of dairy calf club members will be held at the dairy of Mr. J. T. Williams, Farmerville. It is the request of the county agent that all the calf club members and others interested in dairying, be present at this meeting. Instructions in judging dairy cows will be given by Mr. Neasham, Dairy Cattle Specialist. J. V. Rabb, County Agent

We have a new line of stamped art goods just arrived pieces. 15c and 35c. Maude Phillips

CARD OF THANKS I want to thank everyone who gave subscriptions and their assistance in any way in The Shreveport Times contest. Mrs. Minor Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Fae Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Elza Grafton and Miss Haver Ferguson motored to Monroe Sunday.

Mrs. Pearl Lowery and daughter, Miss Pearl and Mrs. R. W. Patterson were visitors in Ruston Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Smith left Wednesday for a visit in St. Louis.

In Loving Memory

“As a beacon light she stood”. This can well be said of Mrs. J. F. White (nee Miss Mollie K. Kilgore. She died very unexpectedly at 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon, May 15, at her home near Lillie.

She was born in Florida, July 25, 1852. She came to Louisiana with her father in 1858 and was reared near Lisbon, Louisiana. She married J. F. White in 1871, later moving near Lillie where she lived until her death. Her husband died August 18, 1928.

She was the mother of twelve children, seven of whom are still living, they are, Misses Bankie, Nora, Mr. B. B. White, Mrs. W. E. Butler, Mrs. W. H.Farrar, all of Lillie, Mr. J. C. White of Bernice and Mrs. Kasper White of El Dorado, Ark.

As “Mother” her name among her children shall always bring to memory her untiring efforts to comfort them in sickness, encourage them when discouraged, and instill high ideals of Christianity with in their lives. It was hard indeed to part with then but the cares of life; the battles; the trials have been met, endured and conquered her journey’s done, her victory won, and she is now a beacon light in Heaven guiding yet the foot stops of her children and in fact all who knew her, by the memory of her own life.

Then let us bow our heads in humble Submission, and be thoughtful that we had so great a mother, grandmother, and friend, for God gave, he took away: he doeth all things well. A Friend.

Another Still Found

Early last Wednesday morning Mr. R. B. Mabry went out on a still hunt all by himself. He located an outfit over in the Camp Creek community. It was of about 50 gallon capacity. There was no whiskey about the place, but he found about 50 gallons of mash there. Mr. Mabry destroyed the outfit and the mash.

NOTICE There will be a grave yard working at Weldon cemetery on Friday, June 6. Everybody is asked to come prepared to work.

Misses Christine Adcock and Leona Smith were visitors in Monroe, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Glyn Neymier are the proud parents of a son.

Mr. Jack Copeland and family, of Norphlet, Ark., are visiting relatives here.

Mr. G. E. Lindsey was a business visitor to El Dorado Wednesday.

Messrs L. P. Whiteside and Dick Welch are visiting in Dallas, Texas this week.

A nice front bedroom, furnished, for rent. MRS. J. C. PHILLIPS.

Mrs. J. T. Porter, Jr., returned from Winnfield, Friday, where she visited her mother, Mrs. Rives and sister, Mrs. Scott.

W. M. U.

The Baptist W. M. U. had it business meeting Monday, may 26, at the church with 14 present, meeting opened with devotional led by the president, Mrs. Lee Odom. Good reports from officers and circles who were present.

Boxes of clothing have been sent to the Children’s Home at Monroe, and our part of money sent to endow chair of missions at the Baptist Bible Institute. Next Monday the circles will meet in the homes.

The Y. W. A. girls are asked to meet their leader, Mrs. Clemmie Davis, at the church Saturday afternoon, May 31, at 3:30 o’clock.

To Make Tour

Miss Bert Pollock is home from Kinder, La., where she has been teaching for the last few years; visiting her parents before leaving on a very extended Eastern tour. Miss Pollock leaves June 10th. for Ft. Meyers, Florida, where she joins friends and from there they will go to New York, Maine, and Canada. She expects to be gone about six or eight weeks.

Miss Pollock has as her guest Miss Doris Freeman of Nashville, Tennessee, who will visit her here for a few days. From here she goes to Lake Charles where she joins a party of friends and from there they will motor to Yellow Stone Park where they will spend the summer. On return trip, they expect to tour Washington, Oregon, and Western Canada.


Mr. C. T. Salley and son Van are business visitors in St. Louis this week.

Several from here attended the funeral of Mrs. Emily Henderson at Lillie, Tuesday.

Mrs. Sue Atkinson, of Farmerville, spent Tuesday here with Mrs. J. C. Phillips.

Mr. C. E. Miller was a business visitor to Junction City Tuesday.

Mrs. F. Edd Thompson and son, Billie, Mrs. H. C. Miller, Misses Mary and Dorris Wainwright were visitors to El Dorado Saturday.

Mrs. Monroe Anderson of Lake Providence, is visiting relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Lindsey were visitors in Monroe Saturday.

Mrs. W. B. Miller is in Winnfield visiting friends and relatives.

Mrs. H. S. Lewis of El Dorado is here visiting realtives.

Mrs. E. J. Guile, of Marion spent last week here with relatives.

Mrs. D. W. Caldwell, of Monroe, was here last week-end visiting her father, Mr. F. F. Johnson.

Mrs. T. Edd Thompson and son are spending the week with relatives in the Hebron community.

Messrs. Mert Raburn and Lott Jones, of Farmerville, were here Sunday.

Mrs. Will Andrews and baby of Monroe spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Colvin.


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