Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
July 21, 2011

Good News!! Rain fell on our parched ground on Wednesday night and continued into Thursday; there was at least 2 inches or more and it sure make things perk up. Not only was this a blessing to us but I talked to Imogene Bennett this morning and she said that they had the blessing of a great revival last week. Bro. Bill Adcock conducted the services with Richard Gage in charge of the music. He really worked with the kids and they had a bunch. Each day they had a meal for them and the kids really enjoyed enjoyed being together. The adults enjoyed a fellowship each night with such things as watermelon and homemade ice cream. During the week two were baptized. Their batteries are recharged and they are ready to meet new challenges as they do the work the Lord has planned for them to do.

We have been missing Coy and Fern Upshaw at the dining site, but they have been busy with family. Last week they have been busy with family. Last week they were visiting their son, Doug in Alexandria. When they got back it was time to put up tomatoes and preserve the figs. Toward the end of the week their grandson, Little Barry and his wife, Amber, with their three kids came for a visit. Coy and Fern finished off the week with a birthday dinner, on Sunday, for their children, Doug, Barry and Marsha. WOW! That was quite a week packed full of all kind of fun!

Our crowd at church was a little slim but those of us who were able to attend had a real treat. Melanie Barron Brooks and her husband, Charlie, were home from their mission field in Kazakhstan. Melanie has been teaching international students who are in this country. Melanie has been there teaching for eight years. She works with students who are educationally challenged. They talked about the new school they will be moving into if they get the permit to occupy the building and the joy it is to teach these student as well as attending and conducting the home churches that have been started. The country was ruled by the Soviet Union for many years and no religion was allowed; now there have been several mosques built by Turkey and most of the people say they are Muslim but do no seem to be practicing Muslims. The government does not bother Melanie and her group as long as they confine their church services in the homes; many other home churches have sprung up as a result of the few they started. continue to pray for them to be able to get new visas and have good health as they teach these children and word to spread the gospel. In this subtle way they will not cause problems and they can stay in the country and continue to serve the Lord.

Oda Rockett had lunch with her friends, Helen Campbell and Janice Daniels in Summerfield. They had a great visit and got a first-hand report on services of the orphanage in Malawi where Helen’s son John and his wife, LeAnne are serving as missionaries. Helen, a skilled nurse, on a recent visit took all kinds of medical supplies with her – especially to tread burns – and was quite busy administering to the physical needs of the children and telling them about Jesus.

John Rhodes is enjoying an extended visit with his son, Roger from TN. and Bonnie is keeping the table full of all those good veggies. Roger said that he was really enjoying those peas and cornbread. Bonnie did take a break and join her friends Bonnie Alford and Terri Booth for lunch at Ol’ Hickory and an afternoon relaxation and swim at Bonnie Alford’s.

Update on the sick of our community: Marilyn Taylor had surgery this past week and was doing OK the last I heard. Billy Rea, after a week intensive care, has been moved to a room near the ICU and Floy can be with him. He is doing well and seems to be suffering no effects from the stroke. Lavon Smith is at home but is gravely ill; his family is with him. Please remember him and all the others on our list and in our hearts who need healing in your prayers.

Thought for the Day

When on door closes another opens; often we look so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we not see the one that has opened for us. (Thomas Jefferson)


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