Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
July 28, 2011

You may have noticed the high grass in the park last week. Mayor Pro-Tim Clement told Bobby Walton, who has been hired to the cut the grass, that he would have have to put this on hold as the village is not covering him under Workman’s Compensation. And this would be taken up at the next regular meeting in August. Even though Bobby opted out and declared that he would not file a claim if injured, this was not good enough. Thank goodness, several of our citizens volunteered to maintain the park until this problem can be resolved. BAHAI Grass will not wait four more weeks until the Town Council meets Aug. 9th. We all know you can almost see it grow especially if we have a few showers. We have worked too hard to make our park beautiful and a safe place to be enjoyed by all ages, races and gender, to let it become overgrown. Each of us looks with great pride when we see children playing and adults walking and visiting with friends. See you at the Park!!!

Ann Stone Heard, Beverly, Jennifer, Justin and Stacy met in Hot Springs at Theresa’s home last Friday. They were joined by Theresa’s home last Friday. They were joined by Theresa’s daughter, Jessica and her husband, Kerry who revealed the sex of the baby they are expecting in a very unique way. Jessica brought in a cake for their meal in a covered cake carrier and after the meal it was time for dessert; she lifted the cover and there was a blue cake. This was a delightful way to let everyone know that soon they would be welcoming little Morgan Stone into this family. We are excited for, not only the parents, but this extended family as well. This will be cute when all these babies get together. We look forward to seeing the pictures!!!

Adam Willett, son of Beverly and Frank Willett, has accepted the pastorate of a community church near Smackover — Joyce City Baptist Church. He will be ordained on August 7th at Ebeneezer Baptist Church – his home church in El Dorado; plans to preach his first sermon at his new church that night as their pastor; however, they will not be able to move right away as their twins are still in the hospital — doing good but just not quite ready to go home.

Mary Gene Rhodes had a busy Saturday. Michael and Susan Rhodes Spears came Saturday morning and brought two of their grandsons, Landon and Logan. They all went to lunch at McDonald’s. They have to be real careful when Logan plays as he has just recently been in the hospital for a fractured skull that he received in a fall. After they left Beth Rhodes Lawson came for an afternoon visit and a meal out that night. Mary Gene said it was a full day but so enjoyable.

Saturday afternoon was a fun time at Kim and Jim Brantley’s home in Junction City. Oda enjoyed the family get-together with swimming, watching Juston teach 5 yr. old Ava how to swim under water, visiting with family as well as Justin’s friends, Josh and Candace, admiring manicures and pedicures, a wonderful hamburger supper beside the pool. The cooler weather added to their enjoyment.

A few days ago Millie Bennett Deason came came by my house to bring a military picture of her dad, Coy. She expressed her deep appreciation for the work that has been done at The Little Yellow House Museum in preserving the history of our people through pictures and artifacts. She had just been to MS and they their history in a similar way and she beamed with pride that our little village had put so much effort and thought into preserving the history of Spearsville and all the surrounding communities which we consider Spearsville. Millie planned to look around for more old pictures that we could use and we ask each of you reading this to do the same. To make our museum better and better we need you help. Please dig down in those trunks, cedar chests and shoeboxes; pictures are there just waiting to be seen again. We would like to make a copy for display to honor as many people as possible.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Joe Hatly and to his family. Friday, Joe went to the Dr. to check on a sore on his foot that wouldn’t heal. He was admitted to the hospital in El Dorado for a severe infection that turned out to be gangrene. The doctors were unable to save his foot and had to amputate part of his leg as well in order to make sure there no infected area left. Joe and Christy are very optimistic and he plans to be fitted for a prosthesis and back at work in a few months. Joe there are oodles of us folks our here are praying for you that you can continue to feel God’s comfort and our prayers as you heal. Let us know when you feel like company and we’ll be there in a New York minute.

Billy Rea has been moved to Health South Rehab in Farmerville. Everyday he gets stronger and with this new therapy he should be home in a few weeks as good as new. J. T. Saunders is recovering from heart surgery and is right next door to Billy in rehab. He has been there for a couple of weeks and is ready to come home. If it is up to him he would have come home yesterday.

Maurene Barron was admitted to the hospital several weeks ago for a respiratory problem. That has improved and she has been moved to another floor in the hospital. Maurene is very weak and has very little appetite. Please remember her as well as the others that I have mentioned in your prayers.

Thought for the Day

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

–Mother Teresa


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