Farmerville Local News

The Gazette
June 27, 1906

Court met in regular session here Monday.

Dr. P. A. Tatum of Cherry Ridge was a visitor in town Tuesday.

Mrs. J. G. Evans and little daughter Louise, left Sunday on a visit to relatives at Haynesville, La.

Mrs. Sue L. Barnes returned home Monday right after a visit of several weeks in Arcadia.

Misses Estha and Matile Stein of Galveston, Texas and Miss Lemlie of Monroe, are visiting relatives in Farmerville.

Louis Arent of Bernice spent a few days of this week in Farmerville.

Attorney J. D. Barksdale of Ruston, is attending court here this week.

Hon. O. C. Dawkins of Monroe is attending court here this week.

Messrs. J. E. Gill and J. L. Boulware of the D’Arbonne neighborhood were in Farmerville Saturday.

Hon. C. H. Murphy, formerly sheriff of Union Parish, but now of El Dorado, Ark., spent last Friday night in Farmerville.

Mr. J. W. Parks, Police Juror of ward 8 was in Town last Saturday.

Mrs. Thedosia Ramsey was quite sick for several days of last week.

Miss Freida Hartman entertained the young people of town last Friday night.

Mr. Henry Montgomery of Monroe, who has been visiting here for the past week, returned home Monday.

Mrs. G. E. Murphy, and daughter, Miss Bessie, visited points in Arkansas last week.

Miss Ollie Moffit of Ruston, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W. Elder of this place, left for her home Monday.

Our former fellow towns-man R. Haas was in Farmerville, Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. s. Rabun of Monroe arrived in Farmerville Monday night for a few days visit.

A delightful dance was given Monday night at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. W . Taylor.

The young people of Farmerville were entertained Friday night at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Jameson.

Attorney Holstead of Ruston and Judge W. R. Roberts of Bernice are among the visiting attorneys attending court here this week.

Ernest Ramsey, the popular deputy clerk of court has bee confined at home with fever for the past seveal days.

Mrs. Mary E. Walker of Richmond, Va., who was the mother of Mrs. J. M. Wallace of our town died at her home in that city on June 1st.

Estray Notice. I have taken up at my place about 9 miles northwest of Farmerville one sorrel roan horse. He will weigh about 1,000 pounds; roached main; left hind foot white; a plug cut out of right ear and his branded with either a G or a C on right side of next. Owner can get this horse by paying cost. J. D. ODOM, Farmerville, LA.

Lost Strayed or Stolen: One Red roan male horse branded with letter G on the next, he is about 14-1/2 hands high, nine years old, is a natural pacer either with or without saddle. Main is cut short. This horse left the Randolph woods camp June19th. The finder delivering said horse to the Randolph woods camp will receive $10.00 reward or any one giving information that will lead to recovery of this horse will be duly rewarded. SUMMIT LUMBER COMPANY, RANDOLPH, LA.

On last Wednesday night Marshal J. W. Morrison of Huttig, Ark., was shot and killed by a negro woman by the name of Diana Howard. The day before the woman had shot and killed a negro man at Huttig and marshal Morrison, learning that the woman was in hiding at Dollar Junction, a small station a few miles from Huttig, went there in company with several other men to arrest her. When they found her the officer approached and caught her by the arm when she immediately drew a pistol and shot him dead. The news of the killing created considerably excitement and had it not been that prompt action was taken and the prisoner hurried off to El Dorado and lodged in jail there would probably have been a session of Judge Lynch’s court.

The best way to guard against schemes of grafters and keep up-to date in general is to be a regular reader of this paper. It is always the one who does not read his home paper who gets caught by the grafters and fakirs.

Children’s Day Service of the Methodist Sunday School. This important, impressive, entertaining, and instructive annual event will be given the public in the Methodist Church at Farmerville, on Sunday night July 8th., 1906. The entire public is given a cordial invitation to be present and enjoy the treat of an exceedingly fine program. The parents and guardians of those children who are to act their part of the program are urged to see and insist upon their children attending the meeting of the committee for their training and rehearsal of the program. Strict attention to this will avoid all embarrassment at the critical time, and will insure the large success of the Children’s Day Service. –John G. Sloane, Pastor in charge M. E. Ch. S.


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