Spearsvillle Happenings

Barbara Walton
August 4, 2011

We were blessed with two showers this past week; the grass took off and it has been hard to keep up with the mowing but that is ok with me. Even my flowers began to bloom again and everything looks so good. Let’s hope the weatherman is wrong and we don’t get up and stay in the triple digits again this week.

Denise and Tim Clement went to Denise’s high school reunion in Decatur, AL this weekend. These were her classmates throughout her high school years until her senior year when her father was transferred to the New Orleans area; she finished in Slidell. The class surprised her at the reunion with an honorary diploma from the Decatur High School. Denise really enjoyed visiting and reminiscing with old friends. It was a very good weekend.

Jennifer Lenard reported to us that Adam and Katy Willett have gotten to bring their babies, Pierce and Elliott, home from the hospital and will be moving to their new home in Smackover, AR. He is the new pastor of Joyce City Baptist Church. One of the most exciting thing for this family is that they will be close to Beverly and Frank Willett who will get lots of baby-spoiling time. No doubt they will keep the road hot between El Dorado and Smackover, as well as the rest of the Stone family.

Johnny Heard celebrated a birthday on the 26th. They spent most of the week in Minden and Ann carried him out to eat at Kelly’s in Haughton, which is one of his favorite places.

Curtis Thomas is home on his two-week rotation from work in ND. We always look forward to these times and especially when he plays the guitar and sings for us at church. Sunday he did a beautiful job on a song that he has recently written; so recent that he has not even, yet, given it a name. Jennifer said that it should be named Eternity and I thought Father, Look Down on Me. Maybe we’ll just help him our and take a vote. It was beautiful and we appreciate Curtis, Melissa, Haley and Avery so much!!

I heard through the grapevine that J. T. Saunders will be coming home from rehab this week. There is nothing like getting home and getting to sleep in your own bed; then have dinner with some good ole’ homecooked “vittles” on the table.

Billy Rea is doing real well but will have to stay in rehab for a few more weeks. He is already thinking about home. Floy took him a steak sandwich from Meade’s last Saturday and “Boy Howdy was that good”!! That institutional food can get old in a hurry.

The Frank and Eddie Post family had a reunion this weekend-about 40 attended. This large family has scattered all across the US. Syble said that some flew in and others drove. Some of them went to see the Little Yellow House and really enjoyed it. Oda Rockett said they asked some questions that she was going to have to talk to Gene Barron about before the next big group came through. Later this family went to Hollis’ to eat. On Saturday they had a big time at the pavilion at Great Lakes in El Dorado. These gatherings are wonderful for everyone but especially for the younger generation to get to know their kin and hear stories that are told and retold that bring back such memories to their parents and grandparents. Reunions are a wonderful traditions so that families can stay connected to each other and to water their roots.

Bro. Rick Williams, the pastor at Mt. Union preached his last sermon at this church Sunday. He is going into the Navy where he will be a Chaplain. This church has truly been blessed for the past two years, and we wish Bro. Rick great success as he continues to serve the Lord in this new endeavor.

Our church received a letter from Reese Barron who has recently gone into the Army and is in training. He seems a bit homesick for this family and Spearsville, saying that you don’t know what you have until you are moved into a totally new situation. Reese has made lots of new friends but he said that this experience was nothing like he had thought it would be. We thank Reese and wish him much success as he represents our little village as he serves our country. Hang in, Reese, it will bet better or so I have been told. We are praying for you.

Frankie Futch, former coach and principal of Spearsville, was given the older basketball and baseball trophies from 1935-1959 of Spearsville High School. He has polished them up and they have been placed in the Little Yellow House Museum. Those who played ball during that time or may be your parents did are welcome to come by and visit us. These bring back lots of happy memories. Just contact a person on the committee or me and we’ll he happy to let you in. Committee member are: Floy Rea, Oda Rockett, Ethelle Colvin or Barbara Walton.

Thought for the Day

When everything seems to be against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind.

-Henry Ford-


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