Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
August 11, 2011

I don’t know about you but all the talk around here is how hot it is. Never have we seen so many days above a hundred in June and July – now we are in August and there seems to be no let up. The only thing that does not seem to suffer is the Bahia. Even the asphalt on the track in our park is buckling. Please be careful when you walk for it would be so easy to trip. Some of seniors have started doing our daily walk in the mornings for the day just seems to get hotter in late afternoon. The rest of the day the only prudent thing to do is stay indoors and read a good book.

Tim and Denise Clement hosted a poolside Bar-B-Q for the Spearsville Fire Dept. Some went for a swim while others just enjoyed the good food and fun fellowship. Time presented each firefighter with a certificate of appreciation for all that they do for our village and the surrounding communities. Then on Sunday they, along with the Bernice Fire Department, had to brave the heat and respond to a fire in the Camp Creek community where a rotten light pole had fallen and started a woods fire. Our hats are off to them for what they do on our behalf. Remember they are volunteers who receive no pay and yet they respond regardless of the weather conditions or how tired they are. Those of us that can’t do what they do should open our wallets, for they have very little money to operate on after they pay for upkeep on equipment and the high insurance on those fire trucks.

Ann Stone Heard’s family had a big day on Sunday. Her grandson Adam conducted the morning worship service at his home church. Ebenezer Baptist Church in El Dorado, AR and was later ordained as a new minister. Johnny Heard participated in the service as a deacon and our pastor, Bro. James was also a participant in the ordination. All the family attended except Justin Pepper who was off shore, Johnathon, Teresa’s son, who is in Afghanistan, and Andy Harrison. After the morning service they went to Beverly’s for lunch. Before the day ended they went to Smackover to visit Adam, Katy, the twins, Pierce and Elliott, at the parsonage at Joyce City Baptist Church – their new home. They enjoyed visiting with each other but most of all holding those new babies.

Mary Gene Rhodes said that Lou Ellen Rhodes Russell came up one day for a visit and they went to see Joe Hatley. They were so happy to see him in such good spirits and seeming to be doing so well. After the visit they went to eat Chinese at Century one. Later in the week Michael and Susan Rhodes Spears, Bob and Michelle Spears Bell and their son, Michael Jackson, came for a good visit and they ate at Hollis’.

Update on our sick: Pat Risinger went in for a very serious heart surgery on Wednesday but they were unable to perform this as a blood clot was found. He was sent back home until it can be dissolved. Please remember Pat in your prayers that his heart can stand all the stress and so that he will soon be back on his feet will soon back on his feet doing all the things he loves to do.

J. T. Saunders came home from the rehap on Thursday. He was getting a new recliner and I know he is enjoying that as well as sleeping in his own bed. We look forward to the time when he will feel like being in church again.

Peggy Rockett was hospitalized this past week when it was discovered that she needed some blood. The doctors, also, were going to try to ascertain the cause of this blood loss. We pray that Peggy can bounce back and be able to continue staying at home as she so wants to do.

Maurene Barron is out of the hospital and at home now but did have to go back to the doctor on Friday – her blood had gotten too thin. It is so hard to keep that blood thinner regulated so that it is just right. The heat is so oppressive that she is unable to even get out of her good days as she would like to do. Please keep her in your prayers as well as Gene, Joye, and Susan who see to her every need.

Billy Rea is still in the Rehab in Farmerville and seems to be doing better each day as the therapists put him through the paces. His primary problem now is that he has lost his appetite and is eating very little. Floy is going every day taking him some of his favorite foods but nothing is working right now. Hopefully by the time he is able to come home he will be back to his old self. He appreciates all the prayers that have been offered on his behalf as well as the flowers and visits from family and friends. He especially enjoyed a visit from Sherwood and Helen Campbell from Summerfield and Billy Cramer from near Tyler, Texas. These friends go back for over sixty years. Only old friends share memories that are so very special.

Thought for the Day

Us the past as a library, not a home. Memories often give you a chance to examine who you were and lead you to the person you want to become.


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