Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
August 25, 2011

God sent one of His greatest summer blessings to us this week — rain for our dry parched ground!!! Now if He can just see fit to send us temps that are not triple digits, that would be just great. Our kids that have started back to school need cooler weather to participate in sports and lean all that “stuff” to make those “A’s “.

A couple of weeks ago, Oda Rockett and her family went to Destin, FL. for the beach wedding of her grandson, Justin and Candace. It was beautiful with the colors be colors being lavender and white. Each person was given a sand dollar to toss into the water with a wish for this couple’s happiness. We congratulate them and wish them happiness, as well.

Friday, August 18 through Sunday the 20th Oda Rockett had a big weekend of family for her Birthday in Bossier City at Karen’s home. Karen and her children, Marilyn and family from the Houston area, Kim and family from Junction City were all there. They had a spaghetti supper Friday night, a favorite of the grand children. They decorated cup cakes and had a fun time. Saturday they all went to the race track with 18 people at reserved tables, loads of gifts for Oda, what fun. That night they had a swimming party with birthday cake and special time of spiritual music by a Lisa favorite person to Karen and Oda. Oda went home Sunday after a lovely buffet brunch. Great time treated by her family.

Billy Rea is home from rehab and is doing well. It’s always good to eat from your own table, sit in your easy chair and sleep in your own bed. He has had a steady stream of visitors that he has thoroughly enjoyed starting with Sharon Liner on Friday; his and brother-in-law, Nelba and R. B. Harris, and son Terry Rea on Saturday; on Sunday his aunt and uncle, Mary Alice and John Duke from El Dorado.

Jan and Ski Wawrzyniak came on Sunday morning and brought lunch for all of us.

We were expecting the Hollis family at the Little Yellow House so I was down blowing off the stoop and sidewalk when Roy Duncan happened by to take some stuff to the dumpster. As we talked I mentioned the need for some outside seating for those who finished seeing the pictures before others in their party did. By the next day just in time for our guests, two beautiful handmade Cyprus benches appeared, compliments of Roy. Generosity and thoughtfulness such as this is what makes our little village so special. Thank you, Roy!!!

On Saturday morning Mary Gene Rhodes and her daughter Helen, from Texas came by to see the museum. They discovered that this is not just a fifteen or twenty minute walk-through but takes much longer to see, remember and absorb all the history that is being preserved. Every person or group that comes through has special stories of families or friends and I enjoy hearing these. After Mary Gene and Helen left they went to eat at the new place in Junction City, the Roman Road. The chicken salad sandwich is well worth the trip, they reported. Other things on the menu looked just as good so there will definitely be a “next time”.

The Hollis family had a very special day for an aunt, Laveda Hollis Perdue from Searcy, AR. hosted by Barbara and Perry Risinger. This was a family reunion for the Howard Hollis family. Fifty or sixty people came with twenty-eight being first cousins-her nieces and nephews. It was a surprise to Laveda but she became quite suspicious when more and more showed up – many from distant places. Her blood pressure spiked and she had to be taken to the hospital. Barbara told me this morning that she has been released from the hospital and is now back at home. It probably was just shock and being overwhelmed. I know Laveda will enjoy looking at her birthday cards in the days to come — all 200 hundred of them. This family had planned to come to the Little Yellow House Saturday afternoon and many did, while some went to the hospital with Laveda. Later, the family gathered at Hollis’ for a visit together and share a meal. Barbara told me that a 92 year old uncle, Warner Hollis from the Joe Hollis family was one of the most delightful guest — lots of great stores! Despite the emergency, they had a great time getting to know each other once again.

While I was just standing around, I opened an old store ledger and found a copy of an obituary of the grandmother of Ms. Vera Cole and great grandmother of John Rhodes who dies in 1896 at the age of 53. It read “Mrs. Tabor was a pure Christian, a model wife, an affectionate mother. None knew her but to love her. She was always ready to work for the comfort of others around her. She was charitable in disposition and was never known to speak evil of anyone. She lived a life of usefulness and has now gone to live with the angels. A few hours before she died, when asked if there was anything she wanted to say, she expressed herself as being resigned to the will of the Master and to His edict of her life, who doeth all things well.” My thoughts as I read was,” what a legacy she left to her family and indeed to all of us that read this. I think the committee of the Little Yellow House for all the things they have preserved that inspire us and give us such a link to our ancestors. We have a great heritage to be proud of!!!!

Thought for the Day

“Blessed is the person who gives without remembering and takes without forgetting.”

This is exemplifies the spirit of the Spearsville that I grew up in — Service to family, community, country and to God.


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