Bernice Local News

The Bernice Journal
June 5, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Mitcham were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Green, Sunday.

Miss Leona Smith of Ruston, formerly of Bernice, was married to Mr. Robert Wyrick of Shreveport last Saturday night.

Mr. Leo Faulkner was called to St. Angelo, Texas, on account of the death of his sister.

An assortment of girls and boys play suits at 50¢ each. “Watch our Window” Kinghten’s Sale Store.

Mr. Van Salley is on the sick list this week.

Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Kennedy of West Monroe, were here Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Liggin.

A nick front bedroom, furnished, for rent. MRS. J. C. PHILLIPS.

Attorney Hoye Grafton, of Shreveport, spent Sunday here with his mother, Mrs. W. F. Grafton.

Mayor J. M. Talbot, Messrs. R. E. Riordan and C. J. Heard were business visitors to Shreveport Friday.

Dr. C. C. Colvin and wife were visitors in El Dorado, Monday.


The Bernice-Lillie Road Districts have received a new caterpillar and road machine with which to build and maintain the roads of the two districts.

In this machinery is power enough to grade up and build roads almost in first class condition in one of two trips over a piece of road. The machine is one of the Adams make and has a twelve foot blade, with the latest attachments, making it very easy to operate and at the same time do fine work. The caterpillar is of horse power, making plenty power to take care of the work expected of it.

The crew is at work now on the Pisgah road, getting this road in shape to take care of the traffic during the time the road is being used for the detour north, while the paving is being done on the highway.

Bernice Wins

The Bernice Baseball team won two very interesting contests the past week. On last Thursday the Minden team came over for a game with our boys and received a defeat of 8 to 1. This was a very interesting game, giving the fans all the thrills they were looking for.

Then Saturday, our boys ran over to Lisbon for a game. Here they tied into a tough bunch of boys when it comes to playing baseball. Our boys come out of this battle victorious with a score of 14 to 9 after’n ten-inning game.

The Bernice boys are now looking for more teams to conquer. So, who’s next?

Club Rally

On Saturday, June 7th there will be a general club rally held at the Parish Fair grounds at Farmerville.

There will be games of various kinds and lots of fun. All club members will bring a picnic lunch.

By this time it will be necessary for all club members who are anticipating going to the club encampment that will be held at Rayville, June 23rd to 27te, to give the county agent a definite reply

J. V. Rabb, County Agt.

Mr. L. P. Whiteside and family and Miss Ellen Key are visiting at Dallas, Texas.

FOR RENT – One five room house. D. A. Pollock,

Mr. C. B. Smith of Ruston, was here Sunday visiting relatives and friends. He was accompanied home by his family who had been here for the past week.

Mr. R. L. Barbee, of Shreveport, visited his wife and little son, here last week-end.

Mrs. Elliott of Temple, Texas was the guest of Mrs. D. B. Garland this week.

The Journal is Authorized to announce Mr. H. G. Fields of Farmerville, as a candidate for the office of Public Service Commissioner of the Third district of Louisiana, subject to the action of the voters in the Democratic primary election to be held on September 9, 1930.

The Journal is Authorized to announce Mr. E. L. Walker of Ruston, as candidate for the officer of Judge of the Third Judicial district of Louisiana, subject to the action of the voters in the Democratic primary election to be held on September 9, 1930.

Ralph Smith of Summerfield spent the week end with M. D. Still.

Back Again. Miss Lottie Turner has taken over the Turner Cafe again and has full control of the cafe. She has had quite a bit of improvements in the way of painting which adds very much to looks as well as sanitary improvements. Miss Turner will appreciate a share of the patronage as before, and invites her friends and customers to call on her when they get hungry or thirsty.

Mesdames R. A. Autrey and W. J. Hammett, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wev were visitors to Monroe Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Grady Phillips have returned home from their vacation after spending most of the time in different parts of Missouri, stopping over in Hot Springs on their return.

Mrs. Lila Rives is home from a visit at Winnfield. She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Scott, and son.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Tanner and Dorris were visitors at Homer Oil Field, Sunday.

Dr. D. B. Garland Mr. M.A. Talbot and Rev. L. P. Moreland were business visitors to El Dorado, Wednesday.

Circle 4 met with Mrs. W. L. Odom Monday afternoon with 7 members and 1 visitor.

All circles will meet at the church Monday for “Royal Service” program.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Howard and Mr. A. J. Patterson left Wednesday for Memphis, Tenn., to visit Mr. Howard’s mother.


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