Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
September 15, 2011

As we are thanking God for the blessing of a little rain this week, our prayers go out to the people who have experienced such devastation from Hurricane Irene and the flooding from Tropical Storm Lee. Travel has certainly been curtailed for the Labor Day weekend. Shana, my daughter, was unable to come for a visit as many streets were flooded and water was even lapping up to the top of 1-12. It doesn’t seem fair that we need the water so badly and their ground is completely saturated.

Last Monday Diane Colvin had surgery in Shreveport. The waiting room was filled with friends, pastors, a former pastor and family. She is home but continues to need our prayers.

Betty Barron is in Shreveport with her daughter, Kelli, Jeremy, and the grandchildren, Jacob and Evie. Jacob has been in the hospital with pneumonia. He has really been a sick little boy and our thoughts. and prayers are with Jacob and his family.

Last week Marie Rockett and her daughter, Tammy, went to visit Todd and his daughter Kamryn who lives in Aurora, Missouri. They enjoyed watching Kamryn practice her cheerleading for the first game on Saturday. I can’t believe she is 10 and in the fourth grade. How time flies!!

Frances and Rodney Smith just returned from a cruise in Alaska. The highlights were the beautiful flowers in Victoria, a narrow gauge train ride though the mountains (the scenery was awesome) seeing the salmon, whales and bears, and the breath-taking sight of the glaciers. While they were on the ship they enjoyed the musical entertainment. Imogene Bennett’s daughter, Bonnie and her husband, Little Roy, were on the same cruise and Little Roy participated in the pickin’ and singing’. Old Home Week for the folks in Spearsville in a faraway land!!

We so enjoyed seeing Maurene Barron being able to be up and about. She has been at the meal site as well as ceramics this past week. Our love and prayers go out to her as she gets stronger each day.

One of the biggest events in Spearsville was the First Thursday Night $10 Special at Hollis’ this past Thursday. The place was packed out with homefolks as well as out-of-towners. This was such an enjoy-able night for people got to visit with friends that they hadn’t seen for awhile. Thanks to Calvin and Pat for old friends sharing a delicious meal. Nothing could be finer than a night in Spearsville such as this. Hats off to Calvin and Pat for making this possible.

On Saturday night Jeff Bennett’s family surprised him with a birthday party for his big 50 in the fellowship hall of Spearsville Baptist Church. Lots of friends and relatives attended with a special guest – an aunt who lives in FL. There was plenty of food and cake was so big that Hunter, his son, has to have help getting in out of the car. Happy Birthday, Jeff!!! You are very special to us.

It is very exciting for us every time we get a call from someone that wants to see the Little Yellow House. During each visit, our guests remember pictures they have that need to be exhibited. If you have pictures be sure to contact one of the committee member or me; The original will be copied and returned to you. The more families that we have represented the more complete our photo gallery will be. I wish everyone had the privilege of hearing some of the stories that I hear – so enjoyable and just priceless. We indeed have a great heritage that needs to be passed down to future generations.

Our condolences go out to the Lavonne (Lefty) Smith Family. He was known in his early years as a great pitcher in Bernice Eight Baseball League. For many years he acquired many friend who are in sorrow along with his family. May God bless this family and bring comfort to them.

Floy Rea’s daughters, Sharon and Jan, and their spouses, Dale and Ski, are coming today (Monday) for a celebration of their September 5th birthday. This has always made it easy to remember – the same date just five years apart. Usually the whole clan comes for the occasions – children, grandchildren and great grands; however, they decided to scale it down since Billy is recovering from the stroke and might be up to that much excitement. Happy Birthday to Sharon and Jan!! I love you and your are so special to me.

Thought for the Day

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored that to anything on which it is poured. —–Mark Twain—–


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