Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
September 22, 2011

We got real excited about the possibility of rain this weekend; however, we only got a few drops here and there – not enough of Oz, our cat, to leave his sleeping spot in the middle of the backyard. Charles Sones came into church and asked if I knew what that was on week we’ll see a change; hopefully, for our turnip seed need to be able to germinate.

Patsy celebrated her birthday this past week with her friends, Helen Campbell, Janice Daniels, Marie Rockett, and Oda Rockett. They went to the new sandwich shop. ‘Roman Roads’ in Junction City. The food was delicious and it is always fun getting together with old colleagues and friends. Happy Birthday, Pat!!!

Bonnie Rhodes has just returned from a trip to Oregon for a visit with John’s sister, Margaret Nell Rhodes Hollis and her family. While they were there they were able to see beautiful scenery such as the Redwoods, the Pacific Ocean, Crater Lake, mountains, and so many thing they hardly had time to catch their breath during the eight days. I believe she told me they only ate one meal at home during that time. As soon as she gets her pictures back we will insist on a “Show and Tell”. It is so good to take vacations with our friends vicariously to places we have never been. Maybe we should just ask Frances and Rodney Smith to bring their pictures of Alaska, from a couple of weeks ago and make it an even greater experience for those who have been stuck in Spearsville.

Our church kids and their mothers enjoyed an overnighter with their children to Tyler, TX. They spent a most enjoyable day at the zoo and we very excited when they came through that they visited McDonald’s at least once or twice. Our young mothers are always so eager to see that our kids enjoy life in a Christian atmosphere. There kids have been so close in these formative years – years they will never forget – because of the effort these parent exert in making it possible. God believes in good families – mothers and dads that lead by example, according to God’s values and directions. Hats off to these parent and the children who are our hope for the future!!!

Billy Rea is doing real well following his stroke and has been discharged from his physical therapy. In celebration, Mary Gene Rhodes came last Friday and took him out for his first fun outing. They rode over to Corney Lake, which Billy had not seen in many years. Floy said that it is so pretty and would make a great place for a picnic. After they got back to Spearsville, they stopped at Meade’s for ice cream. It was so good for Billy and to have a good friend to think of them, in such a thoughtful way, made it doubly special. Friends are one of our greatest blessings!!

On Saturday and Sunday, Floy and Billy Rea enjoy visits from family – his daughter, Toni and her friend, Jeff on Saturday. Then on Sunday, his oldest daughter, Cindy from Bossier, as well as Floy’s kids – Sharon and Dale Liner from W. Monroe, and Jan Wawrzyniak from Monroe.

Mark and Jennifer Barron Adkins have moved into their new home in Summerfield. It is a beautiful home that was once owned by Pete Hall. We hated to lose them from the community but they will continue to come to church here and visit with grandparents, Umba and Pa (Clyde and Lynette Barron). We are so proud for them, for it is so exciting to buy your first home and feel as if roots are being planted for the children.

Ronnie Lane Elkins had heart surgery this past week in Shreveport and we wish him a full recovery and soon. While he is sidelined, Charles Futch is delivering our Meals on Wheels.

Bro. James reported shared information this morning on the success of the Back to Church Sunday. He said there were 1.5 million that were in church this past Sunday. That is indeed, encouraging for our nation. Never in our history have we had such need for Christian people to be gathering together and praying for this nation. God told us that if we listen, call upon His name and then turn from our evil ways that he would heal our land. It seems as if many are remembering this and are pledging to follow God and claim this great promise.

Thought for the Day

Our greatest wealth is our health —– Thomas Jefferson


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