Shiloh News

The Bernice Journal
June 12, 1930

Mrs. Webb Smith and Miss Lavinia visited Misses Tinne and Elvin Grafton Thursday afternoon.

Mr. R. P. Ferguson and family visited their daughter in El Dorado last week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goss were Junction City visitors Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grafton of Camp Creek and Mr. and Mrs. Simon Pearson were guests of Mr. J. W. Grafton. and family Sunday.

Miss Almeda Ferguson was the guest of Miss Tinie Grafton Saturday night.

Mrs. R. J. Tabor of Farmerville is visiting her son, Mr. S. P. Tabor and family.

Miss Floy Tabor was the guest of Miss Maidn Buckley Sunday afternoon.

Miss Esther Porter, who has been teaching at Rocky Branch is at home to spend the summer.

Mrs. J. W. Beaird, Messrs. Loys Futch and Merrill Nutt, Misses Chloe and Margie Nutt and Francis Tucker, attended preaching at Camp Creek Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Green had to the guests for dinner, Sunday, Mr. Judge and Tean Alford, Lois and Doris Bays, Irene Dean, Manderie and David Lee, Rev, and Mrs. Brockman of Haynesville, Mr. and Mrs. John Hurst, Misses Dean Stewart and Nelvin Farrar, Elton Mitcham of Pisgah and Miss Pauline Gray and Coy Colthropp, of Haynesville, Messrs. Deltis Bays, Otis Hutst, Albert White, Ernest Lee Glover, Bill and Rayford Brown. All reported a good dinner and a good time.

Mr. T. E. Newton and family, of Ansley, were the guests of friends here Sunday.

LOST. In G. C. Hicks store, one pair shell rimmed glasses with gold ear springs. Finder please return to Hicks’s store and be rewarded.

Senator E. B. Robinson was home from Baton Rouge for the week-end.

Misses Louise Rommitier and Ruby Lee Odom spent Sunday in Gibsland.

Meessrs. Sidney Pratt and J. R. Fuller attended a ball game in Monroe Monday afternoon

Mrs. R. W. Patterson and Mrs. C. R. McGee and children left Monday for Dallas, Texas to visit Mrs. E. T. Gill and family. They were accompanied by Miss Pearl Lowery as for as Tyler, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Waltman of Dubach were the guests of Rev. and Mrs. Moreland, Sunday.

Rupert Moreland is spending the week in Summerfield, the guest of Helen Gray.

Mrs. Jim Hollis, of Strong, Ark., is the guest of her brother, Mr. and J. W. Bennett and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Minor Bennett spent Sunday with friends at Ansley. They were accompanied home by Miss Maude Moore.


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