Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
September 29, 2011

Rocketts and folks with Rockett roots should mark your calendars – October 8th is the date for the annual reunion at Camp Creek Baptist Church. It is coming early this year and it will be easy to let it slip your mind. Our family always gets excited for our 1st cousins from Hurst, TX, and Houston, TX come each year for a weekend get-together at Lake D’Arbonne Park. We had not seen them for about 60 other; I can hardly wait!!!

A couple of weeks ago, the three daughters of Ann Stone-Heard, Jennifer, Beverly and Teresa, had a fun weekend celebrating Beverly’s 50th birthday. They just got in the car, started driving, and ended up in Branson, MO. Jennifer told me that they acted just like kids for these few days – even riding the “zipper” (I had to ask what that was and for the benefit of those who are my age, it is a fast ride that does straight down). These girls just kicked up their heels and had lots of fun being together, spending nights together, eating all kinds of good foods, reliving childhood memories and reminiscing. They were exhausted but filled with new memories that will, no doubt, be shared with their grandchildren some day. Jennifer will be 50 next year and they can do it all over again – maybe they will be rested up by then.

Daniel Ates, the 15 year old son of Jennifer Mitcham Thomas, was bitten by a tick last Wednesday and had to be airlifted to LSU Medical in Shreveport. He is still in intensive care and is very serious. He has been in an induced sleep but has been awakened several times. Daniel is doing better but continues to need our prayers for a speedy recovery.

The Ruth Sunday School Class of Spearsville Baptist Church went to Fox’s Pizza for our quarterly meeting. While standing in line we spotted Danielle Harkins and got a big hug and had a nice chat. This restaurant has the nicest room in the back for groups such as ours. We enjoyed a good meal and spent about an hour afterwards just visiting and really getting to know each other – likes, dislikes, daily habits and lots of interesting quirks that each of us has. This was so much fun. We decided it was so much better than the old way of meeting in the homes for we had the food of our choice and the host did not have to spiffy up the house, fix and serve food, and spend half the night cleaning up after everyone left. Change is hard for older people but wonderful. I don’t believe we will ever go back to meeting in the homes.


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