Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 6, 2011

Last week I had a senior moment for I failed to send the last two paragraphs — here goes, maybe I’ll get it right this time.

Shana, my daughter called to tell me that she had just attended Glenn Campbell’s final sweep through the United States as he is now suffering from Alzheimer’s. His mind still allows him to sing (all words correctly __ and to play his guitar beautifully, even through he could not remember the name of his sons. His daughter was very protective of him and his dignity and stepped up in any difficult situations that he could not handle. He has scheduled a tour of Europe as he finishes his musical career. We wish him God’s Speed and thank him for all his many years of entertaining us.

Macy and Morgan Langley are enjoying their senior year at Union Academy. They are both on the ball team; Macey brought the crowd to their feet at the last game as she hit a big homerun. We congratulate them and the entire team on their success.

Joan Smith provided our special music last Sunday by singing a song from her childhood that was just beautiful. Her voice is so soft, but we were able to hear each word as her wonderful talent with us. Another “special” that day was a visit from Jonathan has previously served two tours in Iraq. We are so proud of him and, indeed, all of our military people who keep our country safe each day.

When we think of October we think of reunions – family and school reunions. There will be three that I know of this week end; the 1959 class of SHS on Saturday at Spearsville Baptist Church, the 1952 and 1959 ball teams will meet at the Little Yellow House on Sunday (they will eat at Hollis’s). Our family, the Rocketts, will be on Saturday with our cousins meeting at D’Arbonne Lake on Thursday, for a long weekend. These reunions give us an opportunity to open the doors of our photo gallery and museum. This is so much fun for we hear such good stories about good people of our past. Growing up in Spearsville was unique for me and very special for I was surrounded by good people. What makes a good person you might ask and I can tell you in just a few phrases. 1. A Godly person who strives to follow His commands. 2. Loves his neighbor as himself. 3. Puts family needs above those of himself. 4. When he gives his word this is as good as a bond – you can take it to the bank!! I and many of you were privileged to live in such an environment. I am thankful that I can call Spearsville my home.

Just this week, I was reminded that we still have people like this for A. J. Smith promised to help us with repairing our driving, Bud Farrar brought us some crushed asphalt for the driveway of our Little Yellow House, Bobby Walton and Rob Alexander power washed a brick patio/sidewalks around the building, and Karen Trull and her husband, Laddy, brought topsoil for the flower beds that she, Barbara Risinger and Jane Risinger plan to build this Fall — all these people have donated materials and their time to make our treasure beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. If we can just get the brick returned we will be able to get started on this huge project that has been envisioned. Mr. Troy Culp has, also, volunteered his services in suggesting creative ways of enhancing our landscape/grounds. Our thanks to all of these people. To any others, out there, who might want to donate things such as your labor, mulch, landscaping flower/shrubbery or maybe something else that I haven’t thought of, just contact one of the people just named and they can tell you how you can help. This has been an ongoing team effort and that is one of the reasons that it is so special to Spearsville and all the surrounding communities. Don’t forget, we still need those old pictures you have tucked away in the Cedar Chest or trunk of your ancestors!!!! The original will be returned to you.

On Thursday Mary Risinger, Karen Trull, Claire Post, Bobby Bennett, Letsy Everett Colvin and Relday Holloway Colvin (Relda lives in CA, came for a reunion of her class and wanted to see the museum that she reads about in “The Banner”). They had so much fun looking at all the pictures of family, classmates, teachers, and etc. I think they stayed for over two hours just looking and remembering. The next day, several of them came and enjoyed lunch with us at the Senior Center – Claire, Bobbie, Mary, and Relda. It was hard to tear ourselves away, as we were having such a good time visiting.

Thought for the Day

Vision without action is just a daydream; action without a vision is a nightmare – Japanese Proverb


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