Ouachita Items

The Gazette
July 4, 1906

Misses. Lizzie Crow and Alma Millet of Marion are the guests of Miss Mamie Platt.

Miss Shirley Hopkins returned to her home in Mer Rouge Sunday after a pleasant visit to Miss Laura Steele.

Mrs. D. Armand Breard and son Armand were guests of Mrs. J. A. Peek during the past week.

Mrs. C. W. Platt is visiting her mother Mrs. A. M. Edwards at Haile.

Miss Pearl Peek has returned home after a stay in Monroe.

Gladys, the brightest little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Montgomery is seriously ill with congestion.

Miss Doris Spencer is visiting her aunt Mrs. Pullen.

Miss Lucille Vaughan of Monroe is spending a week or so with Miss Wilba Peek.

Mrs. George Sims is convalescing from an attack of fever.

There was a delightful dance on Friday night at the Dancing Hall. The usual crowd was present and dancing was indulged in, until a late hour.

Rain continues and everyone is kept indoors. Nothing much doing but the 4th is coming.

X. Y. Z.


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