Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 13, 2011

This weekend has been a busy, busy time for many of us; you could find a reunion to join in from several areas.

The 1952 & 1959 ball team reunion was at the Little Yellow House on Sunday afternoon. Eddie Smith was able to come on Saturday due to his wife’s reunion so the team just changed to Sunday. Don’t you know there were some stories told as they looked at the old trophies and pictures. If we could have been a fly on the wall — what fun!!!

The 1959 class met at the Spearsville Baptist Church on Saturday afternoon and then supper at Hollis’. Joan Pepper Wilson said that they had so much fun reliving high school memories, laughing, and looking at pictures of themselves as teenagers.

The 1961 class was held at the Boatright home. This family is always so gracious in providing the different classes a wonderful setting for a get-together of old friends. Joye Barron Iles said that there were eighteen present and a good time was had by all. The main course was furnished by the Boatright girls, Sue, Claudette and Mignon, with the side dishes and desserts by the others attending. All of us that have been hosted by them over the years are so appreciative for their generosity and graciousness.

The Rockett Reunion was at Camp Creek Baptist Church on Saturday. We have had three deaths over the past year, Amaryllis Futch, Terry Forster and Drew Rockett. They were sorely missed. Drew had been the glue that had kept us together for the past thirty or so years after Uncle Charley Rockett’s death. Betty Rockett had gone to Alabama to be with her daughter, Kim, who was in the hospital after suffering another stroke. She had one right after Drew died and this has been a chronic problem since. Our prayers are with Betty and the girls as they care for her in the hospital and as she recovers.

Our Rockett Cousins reunion began on Thursday afternoon at D’Arbonne State Park and continues through Saturday. Aunt Vivian Rockett Herring’s son, David and his wife Judy are from Hurst, TX. Aunt Lib’s girls are Brenda, Judy, and Martha from the Houston area. On Friday, Uncle Charlie’s grandchildren, Diane Colvin and Wayne Barrett joined in our fun. We all went to Sevin’s for supper on Friday night where Ducky Colvin met us. It was so much fun; we laughed, told old family stories, played games and ate non stop — can’t wait ’til next year to do it again. Since Carolyn, our other cousin, was unable to come because of her granddaughter’s birthday; we are talking about getting together, maybe in Tyler, next summer.

Betty and Bruce Barron were in Baton Rough for the weekend-visiting their son, Clint, and seeing the Tiger game. They are big fans and attend many of the home games.

Mary Gene Rhodes’ daughter, Laurie, can last Wednesday. On Thursday night she was singing and giving a talk to the Women’s Ministry of Emanuel Baptist Church of El Dorado. On Friday they went to see Lou Ellen and Russell and their new home. Afterwards they went to Susan and Mike Spears for coffee and cake, and then they all went out to eat at a fish place that night. Laurie went back to her home in Bentonville, AR on Saturday. This is a close, loving family and they always enjoy just being together.

Joan Smith had a terrible wreck late Saturday afternoon. She experienced some type of mechanical problem with her car and she couldn’t control it, causing her to go off the road and hitting a tree. The fire department under the direction of Tim Clement was able to cut her out and they got her air-lifted to LSU Medical in Shreveport. I haven’t heard the very latest but yesterday she was in intensive care, all bunged up with a broken arm and several other factures. She was doing well and still “feisty”; we are looking forward to her bouncing back in short order. God, truly, provided a miracle for Joan and for that we say “Thanks to our good and loving Father.

Sue Futch and Avery Bennett Wilson sang a duet for us on Sunday morning. Their voices blend so well and it was perfectly beautiful. This was a real treat for us. Sue was really a trooper as she had just had surgery on her knee had nothing to do with her voice and she would be able to do it. Perhaps he was right for she couldn’t have done it better. Thanks to Avery and to Sue for your Christian ministry of singing.

Oda Rockett had overnight guest, her niece, Cindy and her husband Thomas Fowler from Austin, Tx. They are Glover’s sister Kathleen’s family. Oda said that they really enjoy coming to the Rockett Reunion and learning about her roots.

Our hats are off to Randy Bennett for spreading the crushed asphalt (that Bud Farrar donated) on the driveway to the Little Yellow House. Now we can come in without bumping the bottom of the car. Randy, Perry (Buzz) Risinger and Steve Bodine brought a lot of brick back so we can start putting all of our ideas into reality. It is going to be very pretty. Thanks guys!!! We really appreciate it.

A good time was enjoyed by all who attended the birthday celebration for Christine Davis Butterworth, September 24, 2011 at the fellowship building of Antioch Church of Christ. Christine’s sisters, Carolyn Davis Hardin and Paula Davis, and her children, Edwin Butterworth and Lori Viner and families, hosted the event. On September 28 Christine entered the “fourth quarter” of life. Much laughter, love and tears were shared as “Happy Birthday” was sung and she blew out the big “7” and “5” candles. There was an abundance of good food provided provided by family and friends. As Billy Bennett remarked Sunday morning, “Miss Vallie really taught her girls to cook.” Friends came from West Monroe, Downsville, Farmerville, Haughton, LA and Arkadelphia, Benton, Heber Springs, Strong, AR and, of course, Retta Brown School in El Dorado, where she works as secretary and is known as “Queen B”. Wishes for many more happy birthdays were expressed by all.

The Thought for the Day

Always be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.


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