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The Gazette
July 4, 1906

Hurrah for the Fourth!

Contractor Tillery has begun the foundation of the Gully Building.

Miss Maude Selig went to Monroe last Saturday.

Miss Mabel Gilbert left for Monroe Sunday to visit relatives in that city.

Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Preaus left Saturday on a visit to Lake Charles, La.

Messrs. Louis and Harry Arent left Sunday for a trip to Mineral Wells, Texas.

Messrs. Duke Selig and G. W. Ramsey paid a visit to Monroe Sunday.

Mrs. J. P. Gully of Lomets, Texas is here visiting her son, Mr. R. E. Gully.

Prof. J. O. Hodnett of Marion was in town Monday.

Mr. R. E. Gully made a trip to El Dorado, Ark., last week.

Mr. Ernest Ramsey left Friday to spend several weeks at points in Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rolleigh of Monroe were welcome visitors in our town last week.

Attorney J. W. Elder left last Wednesday on a business trip to St. Louis.

Mr. R.B. Thomas of Marion was a visitor in our town Wednesday.

Mrs. J. W. Elder left last Friday to visit in our town Wednesday.

Teachers take notice to announcement of Supt. Hodnett, relative to examination dates, in this issue.

Mr. A. J. Mashaw of Ruston accompanied by his brother, Mr. W. J. Mashaw of Texas, are visiting relatives near Farmerville.

NOTICE. We will be in Farmerville on or about the 15th. of July with a car load of horses, mares and mules. Wait until you see us. BARNES & VAN HOOK.

Miss Helena Selig, Olive and Gradys Baughman and Mr. Mack Gill left Thursday for a visit to Monroe and Ruston.

Misses Kathleen Turnage, Miriam Harman, Lillian Dosley, and Mattie May Barnes spent several days of this week with Mrs. Randolph Norris.

Messrs. Lester Hartman and Earnest O’Bannon of Greenville, who have been guests of the Hartman House for the past two weeks left for their home last Friday.

Messrs. W. W. Barnes and Harry Van Hook left Sunday for San Antonio, Texas, where they go to purchase a car load of fine horses and mules for this market.

NOTICE OF STREET TAX. The street tax for the present quarter fell due on July 1st. and must be paid within ten days. J. K. ATINSON, Marshal.

Mr. Willis W. Taylor of six miles southeast of town returned home last week from New Orleans where he has been under treatment at the hospital for some breaking out on his face. He is reported very much improved.

Prof. Monroe was a recent visitor to our town. He is from Farmerville, Union Parish. He was here making application for the principalship of the Meg Rouge school for the next session. — Mer Rouge Democrat

Mr. Hose, a bridge contractor, was here last week surveying out a location for the iron bridge which the Police Jury propose to build across the Bayou D’Arbonne at Cox Ferry. We understand that this bridge will be built this summer as soon as the water gets to its lowest stage.

NOTICE. The Shiloh Sunday School will give and entertainment on Friday night, July 20th to raise funds to pay for the fence recently built around the cemetery. Refreshments will be served from 5 o’clock on. Entertainment will open at 8:30 o’clock. All are invited to be present and help in a good cause. COMMITTEE.

While doing some work around a saw mill one day last week Mr. Willis Covington of Bernice happened to the misfortune of getting his right arm badly mangled making it necessary for it to be amputated. From last request he was getting along nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson are the proud parents of a fine baby boy who made his apprerance in their home last Sunday morning.

W. D. Chew of El Dorado, Ark., and Miss Carie Cole of Bernice, La. were married last Wednesday night at the Baptist Church in Bernice. The Gazette extends congratulations.

The recent rains have caused the bayou to rise and get muddy much to the disgust of the many disciples of Isaac Walton about here.

We learn that there is a big barbecue out at Bunkerhill today and also on at Conway.

Notice Teachers. The next regular examination for white public school teachers will take place at the Academy in Farmerville on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 30, 31st and Aug. 1st: for colored teachers same place Friday and Saturday Aug 3rd and 4th. The examination will open at 9 A.M. All who wish to teach, would better see that their certificates are valid. Certificates will not be extended or renewed after that date. Be sure to attend to this and save annoyance.

Notice. The meeting of the Farmerville Gin Co. is called for tomorrow at 10 o’clock at the courhouse.

Your Liver is out of order. You go to bed in a bad humor and get up with a bad taste in your mouth. You want something to stimulate your liver. Just try Herbine, the liver regulator. A positive cure for Constipation, Dyspepsia and all liver complaints. Mrs. F., Ft Worth, Texas. writes “Have used Herbine in my family for years. Words can’t express what I think about it. Everybody in my household are happy and well and we owe it to Herbine. Sold by Farmville Drug Co.

We have received a letter from Police Juror J. D. Hamilton asking that we correct a mistake which occurred in publishing the Finance Report last February. The way it was published it looked as if his bill was $21.80 for postage. Capt. Hamilton states that it was for serving 43 commissions paid to road reviewers — $21.50. Phone message to the President of Police Jury 25c and postage on commission 5cts. making a total of $21.80. In justice to ourselves we wish to say that the items of this bill were abbreviated and we could not make it out.

The picnic which the Sunday Schools of Marion and Farmerville were to have had at the railroad crossing on the Loutre to day was called off because of the fact that no drinking water could be had there and for the further reason reason that they failed to get the special train which they at first expected to get. The Farmerville Sunday Schools have gone out to Scott Lake for the day.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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