Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 20, 2011

October has been picture perfect (except for no rain) with wonderful cool nights and mornings with warm days. Just right for all of these reunions. On Friday night, the class of 1951 met at Hollis’ for a delicious meal and then on to the fellowship hall of Spearsville Baptist Church for a get-together for these old friends. A lot of old pictures were passed around that brought back wonderful, happy memories. Sometimes identifying everyone, especially in the in the FFA 1949-’51, was often difficult as 60 years is quite a span with lots of changes over these yeas. The member attending were: Frankie Futch and wife, Carolyn, Johnny Foster and Rosemary, Delwyn (Pete) Odom and Ruby, Dale Rockett and Slyvia, Alfred Borden and Flo, Karl Tucker, Betty Frances McCormick Ward and Connie Ward, Mary Sue Taylor Yarbrough and Ray, and J. T. Saunders was not able to attend in person, but did so by phone. The deceased members that were remembered and honored: Terry Joe McAdams, George Earl Holloway, Virgil Manning, Ruth Ann Vickers, Amaryllis Futch Rainwater, and Patsy Bryant Tucker. A date was set for the next meeting: The 1st Friday Friday in August of 2012.

One of the biggest happenings of Spearsville this week was a fish supper at Hollis’ on Tuesday night that was sponsored by Sheriff Bob Buckley. I have no idea how many people were there but there was a “sea of people in front of Hollis’ at 5:45 and I was told that at times the line stretched down to Meade’s Service Center. Several people that I know came but just visited outside (tailgating) for quite some time before just going on home as the wait was just too long. Sheriff Buckley sure knows how to draw a crowd — free food at Hollis’!!!

On Tuesday Mr. Troy Culp came from West Monroe, along with a brick mason, Phillip Cox to meet with Oda Rockett, Floy Rea and I to lay out a plan for the brick entrance, bench/retaining wall, and flower beds to be built at the Little Yellow House. This work should start in the next few days and is being donated by Mr. Culp. He has, indeed, been generous to us and our Hats are Off to him and to his wife, Eleanor, for their love and commitment to this community.

As we were laying out the plans, it was noted by Mr. Cox that a small stump would need to be removed. I went over to see John Lum, who has a backhoe, on Thursday to see if we could get him to remove it. His only questions were “Are there any water, telephone or gas lines in the way and when do you want this done”. Of course, we wanted it done as soon as possible and he asked “how about me meeting you over there in 30 minutes?” Within a few minutes, after carefully assessing the situation, he carefully began scratching around the root with the shovel of his backhoe (he did this with a skill I’ve never witnessed before, for he could have been using a teaspoon). John found a root just under the surface and carefully snagged it and up it came. I was amazed. When asked how much I owed him, he said that a “this is just a way that I can contribute to the beauty of this park — a hug would cover the cost as that is worth more than money any time”. I will have to tell you something funny — when he said that he would just need to scratch around it with a shovel before he could get started, I turned to go to my car to get a shovel. We had a chuckle when I discovered that the scoop on the front was his shovel. Teaching school did not prepare me for this job. Thanks, John for your willingness to share your time, equipment, and expertise with Village of Spearsville.

I heard from Pat Risinger this week and he continues to need our prayers as he travel this long road back to recovery after his heart surgery a week or so ago. He has always been a man who “went about doing good” for his family, Church, and for the community” and we are ready to see him out and about. Our thoughts ad prayers are with you, Pat!! Gods Speed for a return to good health!!

Brother James attended the funeral of a “preacher cousin” of his in Minder this past week and then went on over to Shreveport to check on Joan Smith, who is in the hospital following that terrible car accident last week. Bro. James said that he teased her and called her “a rainbow lady” for she is black, blue and yellow all over. Joan said that she was a “little blue on the inside, as well, and he was just the medicine to lift her spirits. Maybe soon she can come home and we can drop in on her for a chat. Nothing is quite as healing as your own chair and bed, surrounded by family and friends. Hopefully, in no time at all, Joan will be back in church, singing those beautiful old songs!!!

The Thought for the Day

There is more hunger, in this world, for love and appreciation than there is for bread. — Mother Teresa


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