Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
October 27, 2011

The citizens of Spearsville had a great week with picture perfect weather during the day and one or two little showers during the night or early mornings. Couple this with a successful election of a new mayor – Oda Rockett; it was great. Oda has always been a person of great vision of “possibilities” for the The Little Village of Spearsville. She, with the help of Sandy Silmon, dreamed of a park a few years ago and set about making it happen. A call to Mrs. Patty Freeman for the property, a grant proposal was written, approved, and a dream became a reality. Next, came the Little Yellow House project; she has worked tirelessly for the past two years to make this a place worthy of the ancestors that we honor. When Oda gets “a bee in her bonnet” thinks happen. Congratulations to Mayor Oda Rockett!!

Another big win this weekend, for our Stone family, was the landslide victory of Mike Stone for sheriff of Lincoln Parish. This re-election speaks well of his job performance, integrity, and love for his home parish – he is following in his father, George Stone’s, footsteps in so many ways – George was a policeman for many years in Ruston and was loved by everyone who knew him. Congratulations, Mike!! We wish you continued success.

The sports lovers of this community were entertained throughout the weekend with a win by LSU on Saturday; the Saints and the Rangers required a split screen on Sunday night for those avid fans. My cousins, David and Don Herring were watching, on the edge of their seats, their team, The Rangers, in Arlington – that must have been exciting to see a win that evened things up in the World Series with two victories for each team!!

An update on our sick: Pat Risinger has been able to go to church, as reported by Rodney Smith. Kim Rockett is out of the hospital and able to be at home, her mother, Betty Rocket told us. Joan Smith has been moved to Arbor Lake, in Farmerville, for her rehab and recuperation. This makes it so much more convenient for her family and friends. She would love to have you drop by for a shat if you are down that way. Jeanette Webb, my neighbor, had to be hospitalized this weekend for a badly, infected foot. Marie Rockett recommended that she be taken, immediately, to an emergency room in Monroe. For all the people that I have mentioned we ask God for Devine healing so that each person can continue with their daily routines very soon.

A party was given in Monroe to honor Ella Mae London on her 90th birthday. She is well know in this community as she worked for so many people in years gone past. Ann Stone Heard and her daughters, Teresa, Beverly, and Jennifer, attended the gala affair; a well-planned affair, complete with a sit-down dinner. Happy Birthday, Ella Mae!! You have been a good friend to so many of us!!

Before the Stone girls went to Monroe, they stopped by the Little Yellow House. I was fortunate to be their “tour guide”. A quick walk-through turned into an hour or so as they saw so many pictures that made them remember times gone past. Hugh Barron’s store always brings out stories as well as Glover Rockett’s Service Station. Some of you may not know that Spearsville “Glory” was quite a bustling little town, at one time, with several “filling stations”, a drugstore with a druggist who actually mixed medicine, dry-cleaning business, an appliance store (that sold stoves, refrigerators, TV’s etc.) two or three grocery stores and our very own “Wal Mart – called “Hugh’s Store”. It was owned and operated by Hugh and Margie Barron; a one stop shop where you could buy everything from “a sack of chicken feed to a pair of silk stockings”. (Teresa Stone Bruno remembered that she got her first first hot pants at Hugh’s). Hugh would even make sure he had several sacks of feed with the same design, for the women made shirts and dresses for herself and her family. Of course, he had to have several different designs for no woman wanted to have her children dressed like every other kid in school. Hugh’s store was also, my bank. My dad worked shift work and was not always available to give me money for such emergencies as a ballgame or a school program; Hugh just put it on a ticket and Daddy pain up on each payday. Hugh was so successful in Spearsville that the also opened a store in Marion and one in Laran with help from his brother, Otto; little brothers, Clyde and Rudolph worked as well. These are good memories and stories that our children and their children need to enjoy and appreciate; the primary purpose of the little Yellow House is to put pictures with these stories. If you haven’t yet visited us, give someone, on the committee, a call so you, too, can add to our stories. If you haven’t yet visited us, give someone, on the committee, a call so you, too, can add to our stories. This is so much fun, as I learn new thing with each story told; making me proud be have such deep roots in The Little Village of Spearsville.

The Thought for the Day

All of life is a chance, so take it. The person who goes furthest is the one willing to do and dare. — Dale Carnegie


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