Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
December 1, 2011

This Thanksgiving season has been especially good for God blessed us with several inches of badly needed rain; our ground was so parched. We even had tomatoes to ripen on the vine and the turnip green just shot up. John Rhodes has spent a fortune watering, but it really paid off and several of us enjoyed mixed greens-collards, mustard and turnips-for our Thanksgiving meal along with fresh sweet potatoes, turkey and cornbread dressing. WOW! What a delicious meal!!

Not only did God bless us with good food but visits with our kids and grandkids, as well. Mary Gene Rhodes and her family topped the lest in number; twenty six from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and LA met at Meadowlake Gold, in Bernice, for their big meal which was combined with Mary Gene’s 84th birthday celebration. There were oodles of gifts, a world of food, with lots of music, stories and laughter. Happy Birthday and best wishes go out to Mary Gene and her family.

The Bennett family came in second in number with 20 attending their big Thanksgiving get-to-gather at Antioch Church of Christ on Saturday. This is the smallest number there have had in several years as some members opted to start their own family tradition; now there are in-laws to consider who live in so many different places.

Bro. James Miller cooked for his family and hosted the meal on Thursday night along with his wife, Shirley – Jan, Alan, their spouses – Sandy and Eddie – and the grandchildren. I don’t know all that was on the menu but I did see Bro. James out picking greens in John’s patch when I was. Their youngest grandchild, James David, always provides lots of fun and entertainment, for he has imagination to spre and lots of energy.

Oda Rockett enjoyed a quiet visit and meal with her daughter, Kim, and son-in-law, Jim Brantley, in Junction City, at the home of Marie Brantley.

Ann Stone-Heard and Johnny had a fewer number this year than usual – only 9 – for Teresa and her family were unable to come, Justin Pepper is on his way to Africa where he will be working. Beverly Stone Willett and her son, Nathan, did come, as well as Jennifer and her family. Gabrielle kept them busy as she is now crawling all over the place and trying to walk. That is hard to believe how much she has grown and how fast time flies.

Betty and Bruce Barron were in Baton Rouge for the holiday for they have season tickets to the LSU games. That game was really a thriller for the score was 0-14 for quite some time and it looked as if LSU was not going to be victorious (I even switched channels. They came alive during the last half making lots of LA folks happy. Yea!! LSU-# 1 in college football for the 2011. Way to go!!

Our five community churches went together on Sunday night for the Thanksgiving meal at Canaan Baptist Church. They served a light meal of sandwiches chips, dips along with other finger food and dessert. The message was brought by the new pastor of Canaan. This was a wonderful way to start the week of Thanksgiving off – a good meal, good friends, and counting our blessings for all the good things that God bestows on us daily.

Maurene Barron started the season with 2 pews filled at church with her children and the grandchildren. Maurene will celebrate her 99th birthday in December. Joye, her daughter, said they would be enjoying the entire week of being together. Dr. Joe Barron has renovated his family home; it is very spacious and designed to accommodate lots of people. Don’t you just know they have had a blast this past week with Maurene enjoying every minute.

Our family had a very quiet day on Thursday. Billy Rea, my brother-in-law was not up to traveling to Shreveport as usual; therefore, Bobby and I shared the meal with Floy and Billy. Jan and Ski Wawrzyniak came on Sunday and brought a meal. Two is always better than one Thanksgiving feast.

The Lee Barron Family reunion was held at Camp Creek Baptist Church on Saturday. I didn’t hear any of the details but this is a big family and I know it was great fun for it is always together with family that you don’t see but once a year.

My heart is sad this morning for I just learned that a good friend, Bobbie Bennett was found dead on Saturday morning. I was told that she died very peacefully in her sleep as if God just took her by the hand and escorted her right up to her heavenly home. Her family can’t help but he comforted by the fact that she continued to care for herself, with no assistance, right up to the very minute that she escaped the bounds of this Earth and went to be with God forever. God is so good to us.

The brickwork has been finished at the Little Yellow House and it is so pretty. Our special thanks go out to Mr. Troy Culp and his wife, Eleanor Everett Culp, for making this possible. Now we are ready to get started with the landscaping. By next Spring you won’t recognize the museum. Thanks to everyone that has made it possible for us to honor our ancestors in such a beautiful way. The Little Village of Spearsville was a great place to grow up in, to raise the kids, and is a great place to live in during retirement years. One of God’s blessings to us!!

Thought for the Day

In the end, it is not the years in your life that counts. It is the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln


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