Spearsville Happenings

Barbara Walton
January 5, 2012

Each of us has just ended the year 2011 filled with a spirit of being a better person in the year 2012 by remembering to make each day one in which we thing of others before ourselves. This has been a wonderful Christmas Season for the families of the Little Village of Spearsville and I will just try to highlight a few of the events that took place over the last two weeks.

One of the most exciting for the Stone family was the birth of Morgan Stone Janes, the son of Jessica Nunnley, and grandson of Teresa Stone Bruno, great-grandson of Ann Stone-Heard. Each of Ann’s daughters, Jennifer, Beverly, and Teresa become grandmother in the year 2011-a wonderful and blessed year for this family. Of course, everyone enjoyed the great food, being together, and playing with the babies.

Last Tuesday Little Roy Lewis and his family, Bennett Jean and Ima Jean looked on with great pride as 12 year old Bennett sang and played the guitar and banjo. We thank them for making us a part of their Christmas vacation. They put as much enthusiasm and effort into this performance as they would have for a regular show in Atlanta. It was great!!! An added treat was a visit from Lee Barron who was just leaving for the long trip back to his home in Florida. It really makes us feel special for Lee to take time out to come by and give each of us a hug even though he was on a tight schedule. Thanks, Lee!!

The Cantata, directed by Jennifer Lenard, was presented on Christmas morning at Spearsville Baptist Church. Several words come to mind: outstanding, wonderful, awesome, best ever, and certainly a very meaningful way to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Thanks to Jennifer and this choir for all the time they spent preparing this special Christmas gift for us on Christmas Day.

Marie Rockett and her daughter, Tammy, went to MO to have Christmas with Todd and her granddaughter, Camerson, two weeks ago. They went to New Orleans this past weekend to spend Christmas with Christy, Tammy’s daughter. On Christmas Day they had dinner with the parents of, Shaun, Christy’s boyfriend. It was good to meet and share a meal with new friends. Marie said they just enjoyed being with family/friends with lots of good food and fun.

Mary Gene Rhodes spent her Christmas in Texas with her daughter, Helen Asfar, and her family, Alex. David, Sarah, and Jeremy. The highlight of her visit was the candlelight service on Christmas Eve night at Prestwood Baptist Church. It is a huge church just filled with hundreds of people; however, it was very quiet with the atmosphere of reverence that was a real spiritual experience. On Christmas Day they opened presents and enjoyed a wonderful, traditional meal that Hele had prepared. On Monday, Helen took may Mary Gene for a drive into into the countryside, north of Dallas, and they had lunch at The Prairie House.

Floy and Billy Rea celebrated Christmas at their house with the Rea family of Tuesday with 21 in attendance. They especially enjoyed the new baby, Cayden, the son of Jessica, Billy’s granddaughter. The new game of stealing gifts was a big hit and lots of fun for everyone. Floy prepared the ham and other family members brought in all the side dishes and desserts. The table was loaded and no one left hungry.

On New Year’s Eve, Floy hosted her family at the fellowship hall at Spearsville Baptist Church. Since there are 11 great grandchildren with lots of energy, it was great to have lots of space, the park, and great weather. There were 33 family members in attendance for the good food, exchange of gifts, and lots of merriment. Bro. James came over and shared in the fun. He especially enjoyed visiting and talking “shop” with Dale Liner, a former choir direct of our church.

My family had Christmas on Thursday at a cabin at D’Arbonne State Park. A very special person, Helen – my granddaughter was able to come. she goes to college in MA and was in Germany last Christmas. It is amazing how fast our kids our kids turn into beautiful young women. Shana’s friend, Patrick Mackin, came along with his daughter, Ashley and Allyson. Their children, Mya and Ben, provided great fun and entertainment for our crew. They all came to the Little Yellow House for a tour and really enjoyed it – couldn’t believe such a small community had devoted so much time and created a treasure, such as this, for future generations.

Shelby Deason went to Texas for part of her Christmas break to visit a friend from college. They were riding a four wheeler and somehow Shelby was flipped off and she is pretty bunged back. Shelby, we miss you in the choir.

I don’t know any of the detail but the Bennetts had a big Christmas party at the Antioch Church of Christ. The oldest members were given special honors. I saw Frankie Bennett at Meade’s on Friday with his two granddaughter. The oldest one, who couldn’t have been older than 7, had killed 3 deer this season. You can believe that was a proud grandpa!!

As Facebook shows what a great family time we all had started 22nd my great grands spending nites with meme {Oda Rockett} with Kim hosting, our family Christmas; all together. On Christmas day lunch at Kim and Jim Brantley; that evening we went to Ruston to see War Horse a great but sad movie, New Years Eve, again at Kim’s with fireworks in Spearsville. Many of my family gathered for New Years Day, great traditional foods of black-eyed peas, Cabbage, Mexican cornbread with many other goodies. Marie Brantley celebrated her birthday on January 1, 2012.


The greatest and most precious things in our lives are not things at all.


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