Farmerville Local News

The GazetteMay 30, 1906 Prof. Alebrtson of Downsville is in Farmerville for a few days. Mrs. W. J. Turnage left Saturday for Monroe to visit relatives. Police Juror Charles H. Hudson was in town Monday. Miss Maude Selig and Mr. Mack Gill paid a visit to Ruston Saturday returning home Sunday. Miss Fannie Weinburg and Leila … Continue reading Farmerville Local News

Shiloh News

The Bernice JournalMarch 27, 1930 Mrs. E. e. Buckley entertained the young people with a pound supper last Friday night. Mr. R. T. Smith of Shreveport is visiting homefolks here for a few days. Miss Aubry Booles is visiting relatives in El Dorado this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Nutt of Camp Creek spent … Continue reading Shiloh News