Peanut Butter Bars

This is one of my favorite candies, but it is my Mama's all time favorite candy. They are hard to find now so every time she sees them she buys a bag.


Point Lookout Cemetery at The Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as Angola

I wrote this 5 years ago when I had maybe two followers. It was brought to my attention this afternoon and I was reminded that only one thing has changed, there are a whole lot more people reading what I have to say. Both cemeteries are the same. One has markers and the other doesn’t. The citizens of Rapides Parish are still trying to save the Dairy Barn and they still don’t care about the souls in the cemetery.

If by chance you want to donate, there is a Go Fund Me page at

Shiloh to Canaan

I posted this on the website/blog of Central Louisiana State Hospital Cemetery Preservation Committee.  I am putting it here because I want everyone to know how the State of Louisiana values its citizens who have a mental illness.  Apparently it is less than the people they lock up for murder, rape and child molestation.

I hope you all will take a moment to read this.  It is a cause very dear to my heart.  There are several people from Union Parish buried in this cemetery.  It is an issue that everyone in Louisiana should be aware of.

Point Lookout Cemetery at Angola Point Lookout Cemetery at Angola

I feel that I must begin this post with a disclaimer.  What I am about to write is my own thoughts and words and mine alone.  In this instance I am not writing as a member of the committee and I do not speak for the committee. …

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Happy Birthday to Us

Shiloh to Canaan is 5 years old today! Thank you to all of our readers and contributors. A special thanks goes out to Gene Barron and the family of Edna Liggin. I hope you all keep coming back to read about Union Parish and the people who made the place it is. DS Upshaw

The Life of Marine Sergeant Joseph Davis Caskey: Fearless, Fallen but Not Forgotten

Order from This is a memoir of a young Marine Sergeant who was Killed in Action in Operation Enduring Freedom in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Sergeant Joseph Davis Caskey was twenty-four years old on June 26, 2010 when the vehicle he was riding in hit an IED. The story of Sergeant Caskey is an account … Continue reading The Life of Marine Sergeant Joseph Davis Caskey: Fearless, Fallen but Not Forgotten

Genealogy Find

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