Victor Tabor, Old McDonald

Written by Edna Liggin The Gazette October 21, 1976 Victor Tabor, who lives on Rural Road 3320, south of Spearsville, is an almost self-sustaining, on-man farmer, a rare breed in this day of supermarkets, co-ops, and big farms. In fact, he is almost extinct! In the day s of Mr. Tabor's great-grandfather, Joseph Shaw, it … Continue reading Victor Tabor, Old McDonald


Leon Austin – Woodsman of Old Lowery’s Ferry on Cornie Creek

Written by Edna Liggin Submitted by Molly Liggin Rankin The Gazette February 16, 1978 "The best and only place to live" is the theme of every statement Leon Austin makes about his 80 years of living near Lowery's Ferry, his beloved spot on Cornie Creek. Here is his home, his natural environment, here he still … Continue reading Leon Austin – Woodsman of Old Lowery’s Ferry on Cornie Creek


Written by Margaret Florence Moffett Provided by Edna Liggin Among the early settlers of Ruston was the family of Willis Franklin Lindsey. He brought his family down from Shiloh, Louisiana, in 1895. Shiloh was a thriving little town situated between Bernice and Farmerville. The Lindsey family was quite large by today's standards. There were three … Continue reading FAMILY HISTORY OF WILLIS FRANKLIN LINDSEY

Bottle Notes

Written by Edna Liggin – August 1, 1974 A newsletter from the Northeast Louisiana Bottle and Insulator Club reminds us the bottle show of this organization is just around the corner, Labor Day weekend. We are pleased to learn that Mr. Charles Smith, president of this club, is from Union Parish and a 1961 graduate … Continue reading Bottle Notes

Ellis Lowery, Grandson of Rail-Splitter Daniel

Written by Edna Liggin - March 1978 "Good gosh, youngun" was the flattering appellation given us when we asked Ellis Lowery about rail fences in the days of his grandfather, Daniel Lowery.  "That's all we had for fences in those day's" Ellis reminded us. Rather put down, we remembered from previous research that barbwire did … Continue reading Ellis Lowery, Grandson of Rail-Splitter Daniel