Gravel Roads

By Jon R McKinnie Nationwide, unpaved roads have been cut nearly in half since 1960.  The nation, it seems, still believes that the road to paradise is paved with, well, pavement.  Which brings me to consider what's mainly wrong with society today? I believe too many gravel roads have been paved. There's not a problem … Continue reading Gravel Roads


Lt. Col. Sidney H. Griffin, 31st LA Infantry

Written by Jon R. McKinnie Spearsville plantation owner Sidney H. Griffin raised a company of men from the northwestern portion of the parish for the Confederate service in early 1862; the men styled themselves the "Sparrow Cadets". The unit elected Griffin captain, and they entered the service of the Confederate States in Monroe, designated as Company … Continue reading Lt. Col. Sidney H. Griffin, 31st LA Infantry

Dr Thomas Parker Richardson, Surgeon for 17th La Infantry Regiment

Written by Jon R. McKinnie Ward Camp Historian Jon McKinnie’s wife, Phyllis Richardson, has an amazing family history of military & public service.  Her 2nd great grandfather, Dr Thomas Parker Richardson and two brothers served as surgeons during the Civil War.  Another brother fought the entire war (1861-1865) under General Robert E Lee, surrendering with him … Continue reading Dr Thomas Parker Richardson, Surgeon for 17th La Infantry Regiment

Ettienne A Reppond – 31st La Infantry

Written by Jon R. McKinnie Ettienne Andrew Reppond was born in Dean Community, Union Parish, La on July 13, 1830 to Louis & Henrietta McCormick Reppond. Etienne’s grandfather, Estevon Reppond, was born 1765 in Marseille, France, came to Louisiana before 1783, and traveled up the Ouachita River with Jean Baptiste Filhiol in 1783 and assisted Filhiol … Continue reading Ettienne A Reppond – 31st La Infantry

History of the Alabama Landing

Written by Jon McKinnie - 2013 In 1541-1542, Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto's expedition included the first white men to explore this particular area of north Louisiana. They had traveled throughout mid-America from the Mobile, Ala., starting point and, in time, to south Louisiana. Expedition journals  record they spent the winter of 1541 at an Indian … Continue reading History of the Alabama Landing