Section Settled by Alabama/Georgia Immigrants

By the late by Emmett J. Lee, Jr. The GazetteCentennial Edition October, 1939 Carved from a virgin forest, Union Parish is one of the glories of Louisiana. With ox-cart and axe they carved a torturous path, those early followers of the sun. For West has always been the magic direction direction toward the setting sun … Continue reading Section Settled by Alabama/Georgia Immigrants


How Nip-‘n-Tuck Got Its Post -Civil War Name

The GazetteOctober 8, 1992 "Nip-'n Tuck" is practically a household word in Union Parish, referring to the community east of Farmerville, Rocky Branch. An old story concerning the settlement's nick-name reveals that it was a slip of the tongue which tacked the odd name to it. During the time after the Civil War, Union Parish was … Continue reading How Nip-‘n-Tuck Got Its Post -Civil War Name