Shiloh Cemetery

The GazetteSeptember 13, 1905 The picket fence around the graveyard at Shiloh has decayed and fallen down, and leaves the sacred dead of this old cemetery exposed to be trampled upon by loose stock. Now, the few that are left of this once prosperous and densely populated community, feel themselves unable, without help, to build a … Continue reading Shiloh Cemetery

Union Gin, Shiloh and Evergreen News of Week

Farmerville Gazette, February 15, 1939Written by Edna Liggin as Uncle Lige Community Heartbeat: Faces about the country: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shaver coming up from Ruston to visit his mother, Mrs. Jane Shaver .... Gordon Albritton home from school in New Orleans, due to illness .... Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Poland a-goin' to see Mrs. … Continue reading Union Gin, Shiloh and Evergreen News of Week