Section Settled by Alabama/Georgia Immigrants

By the late by Emmett J. Lee, Jr. The GazetteCentennial Edition October, 1939 Carved from a virgin forest, Union Parish is one of the glories of Louisiana. With ox-cart and axe they carved a torturous path, those early followers of the sun. For West has always been the magic direction direction toward the setting sun … Continue reading Section Settled by Alabama/Georgia Immigrants

1839: Union Parish Created from Ouachita

The News Star July 30, 2016 Editor’s note: One in a series of history pieces published in conjunction with The News-Star’s 125th anniversary. This story by Glenda Mitchelloriginally ran in July 1976 and has been edited. The Territory of Orleans — now the State of Louisiana — was divided into 19 parishes, the most northerly of which was … Continue reading 1839: Union Parish Created from Ouachita

Progressive Union Settled By Immigrants From Alabama

David Baughman Monroe News-Star - Morning World October 24, 1957 In 1803, when the United States bought the Louisiana Territory from France, Territory of Orleans - now the state of Louisiana - was divided into nineteen parishes, the most northerly of which was Ouachita Parish. In 1839 Union Parish was created our of the northern … Continue reading Progressive Union Settled By Immigrants From Alabama

Impeachment Ends

The Bernice JournalMay 23, 1929 On Thursday, May 10th., the impeachment trial of Governor Huey P. Long came to a close when fifteen state senators declared that the bills filed against the governor were illegal and that they would not vote for conviction. This brings to a close just another attempt of the old regular … Continue reading Impeachment Ends

Dykes Taylor

The GazetteSeptember 28, 1932 Dykes Taylor of the Truxno community was shot and almost instantly killed at 7:30 o'clock Saturday morning September 24th as a result of a difficulty with S. J. Slade of the same community. After receiving a telephone call notifying him of the incident Sheriff Pat Murphy and deputy George M. Edwards … Continue reading Dykes Taylor

School Items

The GazetteNovember 8, 1905 By the Students: We were glad to have four new pupils this week, viz: Misses Minnie Honeycutt and Minnie Wilson, Messrs. Joe Merit and Edward Compton. Mr. Charlie Jameson was absent Thursday and Friday. He went to Monroe on business. We were honored by a visit from Master Byron Monroe Friday afternoon. … Continue reading School Items