Ouachita Items

The GazetteJuly 4, 1906 Misses. Lizzie Crow and Alma Millet of Marion are the guests of Miss Mamie Platt. Miss Shirley Hopkins returned to her home in Mer Rouge Sunday after a pleasant visit to Miss Laura Steele. Mrs. D. Armand Breard and son Armand were guests of Mrs. J. A. Peek during the past week. … Continue reading Ouachita Items

1839: Union Parish Created from Ouachita

The News Star July 30, 2016 Editor’s note: One in a series of history pieces published in conjunction with The News-Star’s 125th anniversary. This story by Glenda Mitchelloriginally ran in July 1976 and has been edited. The Territory of Orleans — now the State of Louisiana — was divided into 19 parishes, the most northerly of which was … Continue reading 1839: Union Parish Created from Ouachita

Progressive Union Settled By Immigrants From Alabama

David Baughman Monroe News-Star - Morning World October 24, 1957 In 1803, when the United States bought the Louisiana Territory from France, Territory of Orleans - now the state of Louisiana - was divided into nineteen parishes, the most northerly of which was Ouachita Parish. In 1839 Union Parish was created our of the northern … Continue reading Progressive Union Settled By Immigrants From Alabama

Impeachment Ends

The Bernice JournalMay 23, 1929 On Thursday, May 10th., the impeachment trial of Governor Huey P. Long came to a close when fifteen state senators declared that the bills filed against the governor were illegal and that they would not vote for conviction. This brings to a close just another attempt of the old regular … Continue reading Impeachment Ends

Dykes Taylor

The GazetteSeptember 28, 1932 Dykes Taylor of the Truxno community was shot and almost instantly killed at 7:30 o'clock Saturday morning September 24th as a result of a difficulty with S. J. Slade of the same community. After receiving a telephone call notifying him of the incident Sheriff Pat Murphy and deputy George M. Edwards … Continue reading Dykes Taylor

School Items

The GazetteNovember 8, 1905 By the Students: We were glad to have four new pupils this week, viz: Misses Minnie Honeycutt and Minnie Wilson, Messrs. Joe Merit and Edward Compton. Mr. Charlie Jameson was absent Thursday and Friday. He went to Monroe on business. We were honored by a visit from Master Byron Monroe Friday afternoon. … Continue reading School Items

Court Proceedings

The GazetteOctober 25, 1905 The district court disposed of the following cases up to Tuesday noon: State vs. Moreland Hendriks, petit larceny, nolle pros.State vs. Oliver Hally, burglary, plead guilty.State vs. Ray, killing hog of another, plead guilty.State vs. Leon Fields, carrying concealed weapons, plead guilty.State vs. Pat Defee, disturbing peace, plead guilty.State vs. Wince Ellison, … Continue reading Court Proceedings