Killing in Marion

The GazetteJanuary 25, 1905 News reached Farmerville Monday night of the killing of Davis Everett by Dave Lewis in Marion late Monday afternoon. The news of the killing came quite as a surprise to many of the Farmerville people as it was known that Mr. Everett was in Farmerville Monday as late as 3 o'clock … Continue reading Killing in Marion


Not Guilty

The GazetteJanuary 18, 1905 Mr. B. F. Pleasant, resident of Farmerville and ex sheriff of Union Parish is in Ruston attending to some business connected with the estate of J. W. Duty. Mr. Pleasant stated to a representative of the Leader this morning that Farmerville is on a boom, new buildings going up in various … Continue reading Not Guilty

Jesse Walker

Unknown NewspaperMay 21, 1878 FARMERVILLE, La. -- Jesse Walker, colored, who was indicted by the grand jury of Union parish and found guilty at the April term of the district court of the murder of Violet Simmons, on the nineteenth of February last, was executed here today. He was brought out of jail at fifteen … Continue reading Jesse Walker

Early Roads Were Among First Acts of Police Jury

The GazetteOctober 5, 1939 One of the first things the organized government brought in this parish was good roads. This cry, incidentally, has not slackened during the rising century for bigger and better roads is just as lusty. But, improvement of roads was not the main trouble facing the first parish police juries. They had … Continue reading Early Roads Were Among First Acts of Police Jury

How Louisiana Got The Name ‘Parishes’

Names Indicate French and Spanish Influence The GazetteOctober 5, 1939 The State of Louisiana is peculiar in that it is the only one of the United States whose political subdivisions know as counties in the other 47 states are called "parishes". Louisiana at present has 64 parishes. The name Louisiana's parishes, especially in the case … Continue reading How Louisiana Got The Name ‘Parishes’

Parish Fair Great Asset to Parish Agriculture

The GazetteOctober 5, 1939 Although the Union Parish Fair is called an annual event, it is only since 1932 that the event has really been held annually. This year's fair is heralded as the twenty-second annual Fair, but it has only been since 1932 that a group of citizens organized the UNION PARISH FAIR ASSOCIATION, … Continue reading Parish Fair Great Asset to Parish Agriculture

State Officers From Union Parish Were Always On The Job

The GazetteOctober 5, 1939 Back in the "good old days" when Union Parish was furnishing Louisiana a state official occasionally, they had the reputation in Baton Rouge of staying on the job and giving their full time to the duties of their respective offices, giving efficient, honest service. As one old-timer remarked back in 1912 … Continue reading State Officers From Union Parish Were Always On The Job