Court Items

The Gazette August 22, 1900 At 1:30 o'clock Monday afternoon judge Dawkins called court to order, all the officers being at their posts. He appointed J. G. Trimble foreman of the grand jury and the panel was completed as follows: W. F. Grafton, H. A. Johnson, M. L. Davis, J. P. Kirkpatrick, T. C. Atkinson, … Continue reading Court Items

Rabun Fire

The Gazette April 4, 1900 Last Saturday about noon the residence and smokehouse of Mrs. Kate Rabun, about three miles northwest of Farmerville, were destroyed by fire, together with most of the contents of the buildings. The blaze originated in the kitchen, and as a stiff wind was blowing the flames were soon communicated to … Continue reading Rabun Fire

Jail Delivery

The Gazette March 14, 1900 This morning about 1 o'clock three negro prisoners broke jail and made their escape. They were Leroy Hicks, who stands indicted for killing Bush Hayes; Squire Johnson, convicted of assault with a dangerous weapon at last sitting of court, and who pleaded guilty to carrying a pistol, who was in … Continue reading Jail Delivery

Honor Roll for Everett Institute

The Gazette February 14, 1900 The following is the honor roll of Everett Institute for the month ending Feb 2, 1900: First Grade---Allen Causey, Milton Buckley, George Hughes, Medie Hughes. Third Grade---Maida Cole, Janet Henderson. Fourth Grade---Alma Carroll, Effie Mathews. Fifth Grade---Hermon Holloway, Herbert Holloway. Sixth Grade---Birdie Baker, Belle Vines, Clifford Carroll, Ottis Nash, Eddie … Continue reading Honor Roll for Everett Institute

Honor Roll for the Farmerville Institute

The Gazette February 14, 1900 The Honor Roll for the Farmerville Institute for the month ending Friday February 9, 1900, is as follows: First grade---Fred Thomason, Mildred Haas, Fay Baughman; Second grade---Gladys Banghman; Third grade---May Shultz; Fourth grade---Annie Preaus; Fifth grade---Lonnie Thomason; Seventh grade---Mabel Gilbert; Eighth grade---Birdie Cook; Ninth grade---Florence Donley. The highest mark was … Continue reading Honor Roll for the Farmerville Institute

Runaway Mules

The Gazette February 7, 1900 Police Juror Hamilton informs us that while he with some other parties were passing the Farmerville academy Monday morning in a wagon, a thoughtless boy scared the mules they were driving, causing the animals to run away. Some of the occupants jumped from the vehicle, while others "faced the music" … Continue reading Runaway Mules


The Gazette February 7, 1900 Mr. B. A. Taylor had the misfortune to lose by fire one night last week his dwelling, smokehouse and most of their contents. It is thought the fire originated in the kitchen. The family were asleep at the time the blaze broke our, and they barley had time to escape … Continue reading Fire