Marriage Licenses

The Gazette January 6, 1897 The following licenses to wed were issued last week: Wm. A. Manning to Miss Ellen Wynn John Wood to Miss Bertha Hicks Wm. C. Nyegaard to Miss Estelle Kirkpatrick Daniel W. Newton to Miss Susie Lee J. A. B. Rabun to Miss Mary Pearson David Norsworthy to Lucy Claiborne


The Gazette February¬†5, 1896 Buckley Stirling--The bells of Shiloh never pealed forth their chimes to celebrate the marriage of a bonnier bride then they did on Tuesday night, January 28th, when Mr. James Buckley led to the altar Miss Genie Stirling. Although Mr. Buckley stands foremost in the ranks of our staunchest, best young men, … Continue reading Hymenial