Head – Dillard Marriage

The Gazette December 19, 1900 The editor of The Gazette acknowledges the receipt of an invitation to the marriage of Miss Pearl Maude Head of Tampa, Fla., to Mr. S. J. Dillard of Union Parish. The happy event occurred Sunday evening, December 16, 1900.

Carroll – Clark Marriage

The Gazette December 5, 1900 Miss Sammie Carroll and Mr. W. E. Clark were married last Wednesday evening at the residence of Mr. J. A. Carroll near Spearsville. The bride is a refined and attractive young lady and the groom is a worthy and popular young merchant of Oakland. The Gazette extends best wishes.

Gill – Rowland

The Gazette December 5, 1900 Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Gill, of D’Arbonne, have issued invitations for a marriage reception in honor of their son Conrad and Miss Meda Rowland, who were married this morning at their residence, Friday, December 7th, at 11:30 o’clock.

Runaway Marriage

The Gazette October 17, 1900 Judge Schulze officiated at a runaway marriage this morning at the city hall. Miss Sallie Pardue and Mr. Willie Wilkerson, both of Union Parish, were the two principals, and the Judge made the twain one and sent them their way rejoicing -- Monroe News.

Taylor – Mayes

The Gazette April 4, 1900 At the residence of the bride's father, J. T. Mays, near Downsville, on Wednesday, May 28, 1900, Mr. Willis I. Taylor to Miss Genie Mayes, Judge W. P. Chandler officiating. ***I am not sure if this is an annoucement of the upcoming wedding or if the date is incorrect.

Lansing – Grafton Marriage

The Gazette January 10, 1900 The editor acknowledges receipt of an invitation to attend the marriage of Miss Fannie Lansing, of Union , Miss., to Mr. W. F. Grafton, of Shiloh, which event will be solemnized at the residence of the brides's parents on Thursday, Jan. 11, 1900.

Welcher – Rea

The Gazette December 27, 1899 Married At the residence of the bride's parents near Shiloh, on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 24, 1899, Mr. Henry J. Welcher and Miss Annie Rea, both of Union Parish. D. K. McLaurin, Esq., officiated.  

Burns – Tabor

The Gazette December 20, 1899 At the residence of the bride's parents, near Shiloh, on Thursday evening, Dec. 14, 1899, Mr. Wm. Burns, of Union Co., Ark., and Miss Ethel Tabor of Union Parish, La. Justice W. P. Chandler performed the ceremony.