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One thought on “Contact Us

  1. I am so impressed and thrilled, I was luck to read some posts on Shiloh to Canaan-The Families of Union Parish and some of these actually brought tears to my eyes. I was born and raised in North Central Louisiana (Union Parrish), and never realized how full of history Union Parrish was. Is there any way I can be placed on a mailing list or tell me how I can be able to read more of these great posts. if you should require contact information please feel free to use my personal email address. I have tried to save as many of these as I can, because they are just great, telling me about the place I was born and raised in. I was born and raised in Marion, La. My personal email address is below. Thank you so much.
    Marion “Mac” McLemore
    136 Charleston Avenue
    Battle Creek, Michigan


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