Real Estate Transfers

The GazetteSeptember 7, 1904 Pine Hill Lbr. Co. Ltd. to G. A. Walker, 120 acres of land, $420.G. W. Cobb to W. T. Freeman, 105 acres of land, $100.J. D. Baughman to J. B. Clark, 360 acres of land, $750.H. F. Wilson to E. E. Mosely, Et al. 40 acres of land, $15.J. M. Brown … Continue reading Real Estate Transfers


Uncle Tom Phillips

Bernice Historical Society People and Places Uncle Tom Phillips Barbara Green Pilgreen recently shared with me an article about “Uncle Tom Phillips” of Bernice.  The article first appeared in the Farmerville Gazette on the occasion of his 88th birthday and was entitled “Oldest Bernice Business Man Celebrates His 88th Birthday”.  Going back through my files … Continue reading Uncle Tom Phillips

The Doodlebug

Bernice Historical Society People and Places "The Doodlebug" Last week I posted on “Bernice Remember When” asking for any memories of the passenger train known as The Doodlebug. Thanks to all who shared.  I started out not knowing much about the quaint rail vehicle I had heard so much about. I know now that it operated through … Continue reading The Doodlebug