Ouachita Items

The GazetteJuly 4, 1906 Misses. Lizzie Crow and Alma Millet of Marion are the guests of Miss Mamie Platt. Miss Shirley Hopkins returned to her home in Mer Rouge Sunday after a pleasant visit to Miss Laura Steele. Mrs. D. Armand Breard and son Armand were guests of Mrs. J. A. Peek during the past week. … Continue reading Ouachita Items

Shiloh News

The Bernice JournalJune 12, 1930 Mrs. Webb Smith and Miss Lavinia visited Misses Tinne and Elvin Grafton Thursday afternoon. Mr. R. P. Ferguson and family visited their daughter in El Dorado last week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goss were Junction City visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grafton of Camp Creek and Mr. and Mrs. … Continue reading Shiloh News

Shiloh News

The Bernice JournalJune 5, 1930 Mr. J. W. Grafton and family visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grafton of Camp Creek last week end. Mrs. C. F. Moore and children were guests of Mrs. Henry Smith, Jr. Sunday afternoon. Mesdames Fuller Evans and C. W. Holloway visited their father Mr. G. W. Beaird of … Continue reading Shiloh News

Pisgah Dots

The Bernice JournalJune 5, 1930 Miss Margie Flurry of Weldon was the guest of Misses Lucille and Elese Dendy, Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. B. Z. Robinson and son LaVan visited Mr. S. L. Fitzgerald and family Sunday. Mr. Palmer Copeland visited his mother, Mrs. J. S. Copeland Saturday and Sunday. Miss Erma Robinson and … Continue reading Pisgah Dots

Lillie News

The Bernice JournalMay 29, 1930 Miss Lucille Goss spent Sunday with Miss Lena Butler. Mrs. Walton Washam visited her mother, Mrs. G. W. Wilks Sunday who is very sick but was reported doing better Monday. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brazzel had all their children and grandchildren with them Sunday they are Mr. and Mrs. … Continue reading Lillie News