Farmerville Local News

The GazetteMay 2, 1906 Mr. C. H. Gulley of Ouachita was in Farmerville to-day. Mr. H. W. Regan was in Farmerville the first of the week. Printer's ink marks the path to riches and fame. Try it. Only wind is needed to spread rumors but for reliable news you must read your home paper. The Louisiana … Continue reading Farmerville Local News

Ouachita Items

The GazetteApril 4, 1906 Mrs. John McKee, and sisters Miss Pearl and Wilba Peek, were visitors to Monroe Wednesday. Miss Auna Hay of Port Union spent several days visiting friends here last week. Miss Ida Ford who has been visiting in Monroe and other points for several days returned home Thursday. Mr. J. D. Cunningham and … Continue reading Ouachita Items

Pine Grove News

The Bernice JournalFebruary 20, 1930 Miss Cleo McCuller spent Tuesday night with Miss Bessie Gray. Mrs. Judge Weldon and children visited Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Grafton Sunday. Mr. L. R. Frosler of Ruston, spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Grafton. Miss Cecil Patterson spent Thursday with Mrs. Jim McCall. Miss Rosie Lee Grafton … Continue reading Pine Grove News

1878 Ward’s Chapel Bushwhacking

Dr. Timothy Hudson In the nineteenth century, Port Union on the Ouachita River formed an important steamboat landing and commercial conduit for Farmerville, Shiloh, Spearsville, and the interior regions of greater Union Parish. Situated just below the mouth of Bayou d’Loutre on a bend in the Ouachita River, the location perhaps had a store operated … Continue reading 1878 Ward’s Chapel Bushwhacking