Seventy-Five Years of Early Schools in Union Parish

By Edna Liggin   From Molly Liggin Rankin Who were the "relief girls"? What school had one session after another for 21 months? What was "Lickety Split"? What were head-marks? What community was know for its marble playing and who was the man there with the most expertise? In 1839, when Union Parish was carved … Continue reading Seventy-Five Years of Early Schools in Union Parish


How Nip-‘n-Tuck Got Its Post -Civil War Name

The GazetteOctober 8, 1992 "Nip-'n Tuck" is practically a household word in Union Parish, referring to the community east of Farmerville, Rocky Branch. An old story concerning the settlement's nick-name reveals that it was a slip of the tongue which tacked the odd name to it. During the time after the Civil War, Union Parish was … Continue reading How Nip-‘n-Tuck Got Its Post -Civil War Name

Family Feud

Erin AntleyOctober 2, 2020  The Hatfields and McCoy’s are probably the most famous family feud of all time but they hardly have the market cornered on feudin’. In fact, in the late 1800’s, there commenced a spat between two families in Marion that spilled blood into the dirt streets and went on for several years. … Continue reading Family Feud

Shiloh News

The Bernice JournalJune 12, 1930 Mrs. Webb Smith and Miss Lavinia visited Misses Tinne and Elvin Grafton Thursday afternoon. Mr. R. P. Ferguson and family visited their daughter in El Dorado last week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goss were Junction City visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grafton of Camp Creek and Mr. and Mrs. … Continue reading Shiloh News