Farmerville Local News

The GazetteDecember 13, 1905 The general health of our town is good now. The weather prophets predict snow today. The Mattie arrived Sunday with a good cargo. Now would be a good time to pay your subscription. Mrs. Arthur Johnson visited relatives in Ruston last week White perch have been rather plentiful on the market larely. … Continue reading Farmerville Local News

From Midway

The GazetteNovember 22, 1905 Our neighborhood is enjoying the harvest season, making syrup, digging potatoes and hunting 'possums. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pearson visited Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Pearsons Sunday. Mr. J. W. Merritt is rapidly improving. A jelly crowd of young people went to Salem Sunday and report a good time and a day … Continue reading From Midway

From Marion

The GazetteNovember 22, 1905 Editor Gazette: You still want to hear form the different parts of the parish. It seems that but few will respond. While it has only been a short time since I wrote you from this place, I will try in my feeble way to come again. You must not expect very much … Continue reading From Marion

Dykes Taylor

The GazetteSeptember 28, 1932 Dykes Taylor of the Truxno community was shot and almost instantly killed at 7:30 o'clock Saturday morning September 24th as a result of a difficulty with S. J. Slade of the same community. After receiving a telephone call notifying him of the incident Sheriff Pat Murphy and deputy George M. Edwards … Continue reading Dykes Taylor

School Items

The GazetteNovember 8, 1905 By the Students: We were glad to have four new pupils this week, viz: Misses Minnie Honeycutt and Minnie Wilson, Messrs. Joe Merit and Edward Compton. Mr. Charlie Jameson was absent Thursday and Friday. He went to Monroe on business. We were honored by a visit from Master Byron Monroe Friday afternoon. … Continue reading School Items