Town of Bernice Was Formed 40 Years Ago

By Mrs. C. J. Morton The Gazette October 5, 1939 Captain Henderson Was Town Builder Town Was Formally Incorporated in 1899 The site where the town of Bernice now stands was originally a huge forest known as the "big woods". There,  large virgin pines stood and it was only natural that the lumber companies would … Continue reading Town of Bernice Was Formed 40 Years Ago

Save the Caboose Campaign

"Save the Caboose Campaign" has begun! Contributions are greatly appreciated no matter how small ! Plans are underway to restore the caboose as an actual caboose. You can send donations to Bernice Historical Society, P.O. Box 524, Bernice, Louisiana 71222 or to Cathy Buckely at 12764 Hwy 2 Bernice 71222.