Lillie Dots

The Gazette December 31, 1902 It has been quite a while since "dots" were sent from this place; therefore please excuse the following: Miss Aliba Post and Jewell Carroll left for Park, Texas, on the 23rd to spend Christmas with  relatives and friends. Dr. A. J. Thomas, who has been located at Spearsville for two … Continue reading Lillie Dots


District Court

The Gazette December 17, 1902 District court was in session a few hours Monday and Tuesday, and then for lack of business adjourned until Friday. There were only five cases on the criminal docket pending trial, in three of which the District Attorney entered a nolle posequi. They were State vs. John Grimes, retailing liquor … Continue reading District Court

Foot Ball

The Gazette December 17, 1902 The game of foot ball is being carried to ridiculous extremes by the students of many universities and colleges of the country; and it is high time that the faculties of those institutions were calling a halt in that direction. Outdoor games or exercises of some sort are not only … Continue reading Foot Ball