4H Club News

The GazetteFebruary 15, 1939 Bernice Grammar 4-H Club The Bernice Grammar 4-H Club met February 7, 1939. The house was called to order by the president, the roll was called, and the minutes were read and adopted. Mr. Kennedy gave us our 4-H Club year books. He explained the contents of the book to us. … Continue reading 4H Club News

School Building in Downsville Started in Late 1880’s

The GazetteOctober 5, 1939 In the late 80's the first indication of the present day school system in Downsville made it s appearance with the erection of a building east of the Baptist church. This building was an eight-room two-story structure and the second story was used as an auditorium and lodge hall. Early teachers … Continue reading School Building in Downsville Started in Late 1880’s

A Downsville Lovesick Tragedy

Dr. Tim Hudson George Golden moved to Downsville about 1878. An Englishman described as "above the average in intellect and education", Golden had traveled extensively "upon the high seas" and across the United States. Neighbors described him as "industrious and inoffensive...by all who knew him he was well liked...but sometimes drank to intoxication." In 1880, … Continue reading A Downsville Lovesick Tragedy

Jones vs Maxey and Terral

The Gazette January 24, 1900 Quite a number of citizens of Downsville neighborhood are in Farmerville Wednesday to attend the damage suit of Jones vs Maxey and Terral, which grew out of defendants' cattle trespassing on plaintiff crop, contrary to the provisions of the stock law. The costs in this suit will be considerable.