J. E. Webb Gets Damages

The GazetteMay 24, 1905 The damage suit of J. E. Webb vs. W. N. Farmer was decided in the district court at Ruston last week. Judge Dawkins rendering judgment in favor of Webb for the sum of $50 and cost of suit, the latter amounting to five times the sum of damages allowed, due to the … Continue reading J. E. Webb Gets Damages

Rabun Fire

The Gazette April 4, 1900 Last Saturday about noon the residence and smokehouse of Mrs. Kate Rabun, about three miles northwest of Farmerville, were destroyed by fire, together with most of the contents of the buildings. The blaze originated in the kitchen, and as a stiff wind was blowing the flames were soon communicated to … Continue reading Rabun Fire


The Gazette February 7, 1900 Mr. B. A. Taylor had the misfortune to lose by fire one night last week his dwelling, smokehouse and most of their contents. It is thought the fire originated in the kitchen. The family were asleep at the time the blaze broke our, and they barley had time to escape … Continue reading Fire

Fire at Stein’s Bluff

The Gazette December 20, 1899 The ware house at Stein's Bluff near town was destroyed by fire last Thursday night. It is supposed that the blaze originated from fire carelessly left there by some person unknown. A lot of staves that were piled near the building were also destroyed.