Bernice Local News

The Bernice JournalJanuary 30, 1930 NOTICE The Department Store has moved its stock of dry goods into the Toggery Shoppe and will continue to serve the public as before. Maude Phillips. Miss Nettle Colvin of Summerfield spent Sunday here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Colvin. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Wallace of … Continue reading Bernice Local News


Lillie News

The Bernice JournalJanuary 30, 1930 Mrs. Clete Ward and Mrs. Roy Hightower of Junction City visited Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Wise one day last week. Mrs. C. L. Bivins leaves this week for her home in Wheatly, Ark. Rev. Gurthie of El Dorado was here Sunday. G. B. Wilks was a visitor to Shreveport … Continue reading Lillie News

Pine Grove News

The Bernice JournalJanuary 30, 1930 Sunday is our preaching day everybody is invited to attend. Misses Sibyl and Cecil Patterson spent Sunday with Miss Irene Weldon. Mrs. John Cannon and Miss Ellen Key spent the week end with Mrs. Tommie Goyen of Farmerville. Mrs. Lue Heard and Marylean spent Saturday and Mrs. Elzie Grafton Miss … Continue reading Pine Grove News

Shiloh News

The Bernice JournalJanuary 23, 1930 Mrs. C. F. Moore and Miss Chloe Nutt visited Mrs. C. W. Holloway last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Johnson were called Sunday to the bedside of their daughter Mrs. F. W. Burham of Beinville, who is quite sick. Mr. and Mrs. Stone Harris visited Mr. W. E. Porter … Continue reading Shiloh News

Lillie News

The Bernice JournalJanuary 23, 1930 Messrs. Gurvis Post and Orr of Forth Worth, Texas were week-end visitors here. Mrs. C. L. Bivins is visiting near Little Rock this week. G. B. Wilks and J. C . Nelson made a trip to Monroe Thursday. Mrs. B. F. Post returned to her home in Marion after several … Continue reading Lillie News