Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette July 29, 1903 E. F. Rowland to J. E. Stevenson, 140 acres of land, $280. A. T. Dacus to L. L. Foster, 72 acres of land, $150. M. A. Foster to L. L. Foster, 112 1/2 acres of land, $250. L. L. Foster to F.  O. Fuller, __ acres of land, $940. Mrs. … Continue reading Real Estate Transfers


Dubach Dots

The Gazette July 22, 1903 Our little town is flourishing. The mill is still doing a good business, although one side only is running, cutting about one hundred thousand feet per day. Dubach is building up; four new dwellings and one large store house have been erected lately, and more to follow. Crops are as … Continue reading Dubach Dots

Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette July 8, 1903 Wm. Johnson to J. B. Still, 160 ares of land, $300. Elizabeth Milam to Jas. R. Fuller, lots in Bernice, $600. Mrs. Florence Johnson to James C. Martin, 320 acres of land, $450. H. N. Jones to J. M. Clark, 40 acres of land, $85.