Farmerville Local News

The GazetteJune 29, 1904  Dr. P. A. Tatum of Cherry Ridge was in town Tuesday. Miss Gertrude Ludwig left last week for a visit to her brother's family in Ruston. Read stray notice of H. A. Roye in this issue. Mr. John Murphy of Spearsville was a visitor to the city Tuesday. Attorney W. D. … Continue reading Farmerville Local News

Court Items

The GazetteJune 1, 1904 Will Burrell pleaded guilty to carrying concealed weapon and was fined $20 and costs.J. A. Gresham retailing liquor, not guilty.Silas Cook three cases pleads guilty to one, prosecution suspended in one, nol pros. to one.State vs. Wes Green nol pros.James Andrews cruelty to animals not guilty.Olby Holloway retailing liquor guilty. Motion for … Continue reading Court Items