Mrs. Kilpatrick in Charge of Bernice Funeral Home

The GazetteJanuary 25, 1939 The beautiful new funeral home at Bernice, owned and operated by the Kilpatrick Funeral Home and Burial Association, is now in full charge of Mrs. E. N. Kilpatrick. Mrs. Kilpatrick, with her charming personality and broad information about everything concerning embalming and holding an embalmer's certificate under the state law, is … Continue reading Mrs. Kilpatrick in Charge of Bernice Funeral Home

Farmerville Businesses 1939

The Gazette October 5, 1939 Farmerville Mercantile Chartered in 1913 Farmerville Mercantile Company, Ltd., is one of Farmerville's oldest business establishments. Chartered December 13, 1913 with the doors opened for business on January 1, 1914, this general mercantile store has grown to be on of the town's largest business establishments. The Stockholders in the beginning … Continue reading Farmerville Businesses 1939