Bernice Dots #14

Bernice Historical Society Bernice Dots #14 By Cathy Buckley In 1924 another Bernice hotel, the Lindsey Hotel, was sold by Mrs. Lila Rives.  Rives was the mother of G.E. Lindsey and in January sold the hotel to her son.  It was stated she had accumulated enough money from the running of the hotel to be … Continue reading Bernice Dots #14



Written by Margaret Florence Moffett Provided by Edna Liggin Among the early settlers of Ruston was the family of Willis Franklin Lindsey. He brought his family down from Shiloh, Louisiana, in 1895. Shiloh was a thriving little town situated between Bernice and Farmerville. The Lindsey family was quite large by today's standards. There were three … Continue reading FAMILY HISTORY OF WILLIS FRANKLIN LINDSEY