District Court Proceedings

The GazetteMarch 2, 1906 Case of state against Grover Hill charged with britney; nol prossed. W. M. Thaxton charged with inflicting wound has than mayhem nol prossed. State vs. Jessie Lowery charged with assault with dangerous weapon. Upon trial was found guilty as charged and fined $10 and cost. State vs. Pauter Witersoy charged with murder. … Continue reading District Court Proceedings

Ouachita Items

The GazetteMarch 14, 1906 Gentle spring will soon smile away stern winter and cover the earth with her green carpeting, and from most every home in our village the breath of flowers perfumes the air. While the unfading evergreen that has robbed winter of her chill still twines around some of the very and as. … Continue reading Ouachita Items