The New Court House

The Gazette June 3, 1903 The police jury met Monday in regular session, and Mr. F. M. Cleekler, representing contractors M. T. Lewman & Co., of Louisville, Ky., exhibited to that body plans for a new court house in Union Parish. No decided action was taken in reference to adopting a plan or contracting for … Continue reading The New Court House


In Memoriam

The Gazette May 20, 1903 When death invades the family circle and claims for its victim the dear, devoted wife and fond, indulgent mother, and leaves husband and children almost heart-broken, it is indeed a sad sight to the beholder. But it is the Lord's doings, and it is marvelous in our eyes. Lizzie, wife … Continue reading In Memoriam

Loutre Dots

The Gazette May 13, 1903 Health of the neighborhood is good. Many farmers are being compelled to plant their cotton early this spring. The weather was so dry the seed failed to come up. Eight and nine cent cotton has gotten a rush on the planters, and some are expecting ten cents next season. We … Continue reading Loutre Dots

Loutre Dots

The Gazette May 6, 1903 This section received a good rain last week and the farmers are busy planting cotton. Loutre was visited by railroad men last week, and we expect soon to have an east and west road running through here. Miss Bertha Cook began a five months' school here this week. Health of … Continue reading Loutre Dots

Court Items

The Gazette May 6, 1903 Cornick Millinery Co. vs. Henderson Bros. Judgement rejecting plaintiff's demand. I. G. Futch vs. J. M. Futch et al. Judgment for plaintiff for $64.25. John Grimes pleaded guilty to charge of carrying concealed weapons and was fined $25 and costs. C. D. Covington was fined $100 and costs on conviction … Continue reading Court Items