Farmerville Local News

The GazetteOctober 25, 1905 FOR SALE. A tact of land, containing 173 acres, 73 acres in cultivation situated near Sardis Church, 6 miles south of Farmerville. Good upland, well improved with fine water and other facilities, and three dwellings situated thereon, A fine orchard, outhouse and other necessary improvements. A very desirable farm home and will … Continue reading Farmerville Local News

Court Proceedings

The GazetteOctober 25, 1905 The district court disposed of the following cases up to Tuesday noon: State vs. Moreland Hendriks, petit larceny, nolle pros.State vs. Oliver Hally, burglary, plead guilty.State vs. Ray, killing hog of another, plead guilty.State vs. Leon Fields, carrying concealed weapons, plead guilty.State vs. Pat Defee, disturbing peace, plead guilty.State vs. Wince Ellison, … Continue reading Court Proceedings