News from Union Gin, Evergreen and Shiloh

Farmerville Gazette, October 5, 1939 Written by Edna Liggin as Uncle Lige "Wal," sez Ma, "reckons as thar is a little nip uf frost in thar air, we'd better set a time on killing our yearlin' to can so's the adpshuns kin haf sum hambergers to put in their lunch." I bin alookin' fer this. "ma, … Continue reading News from Union Gin, Evergreen and Shiloh

District Court

The Gazette October 29, 1902 Court was called to order Monday morning, all the officers at their places. The following business was transacted: Ollie Johnson pleaded guilty to charge of assault with a dangerous weapon and was fined $25 and costs and sentenced to  30 days in jail. Jim Farrar was acquitted of charge of … Continue reading District Court