Railroad Causes Establishment of Lillie Community

The GazetteOctober 5, 1939 The coming of a railroad through the western part of the parish at the turn of the century accounted for the establishment of Lillie. Although there was one settler living at the present site of the town in 1899 names Frank Farrar, the credit for the founding of the community goes … Continue reading Railroad Causes Establishment of Lillie Community


From Spearsville

The Gazette February 22, 1899 Since writing last, time has not ceased to record her incidents here but this correspondent has been deprived of sending them for publication. While nothing so very, very, strange has occurred, the following is penned for the consideration of the editor. The weather has been so exceptionally bad since this … Continue reading From Spearsville

Babies Born

The Gazette December 7, 1898 Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Archer of Farmerville, last week, a fine girl. Also to Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Post, of Spearsville, a bouncing boy. Both mothers and children are doing well.